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  1.  An absolutely stunning collection from the worlds No1 diva


    This DVD totally rocked my world. All I need when I go to bed at night is a giant packet of biscuits and my "Celine Dion - All The Way" DVD and I'm in Canadian Duvet Heaven.

  2.  Could've been better


    I am a massive Jason fan & had been looking forward to this film for so long. It was a good enjoyable film but they could've done more with it. I was expecting something more like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as both movies have the same Director but instead it stayed more as a classic Friday film, it was nothing I hadn't seen before. It had a great beginning but the rest of the film didn't live up to it. I found the use of the ice hockey mask a little pointless in this movie, Jason was scarier and more menacing at the start without it.

  3.  I nearly poo'd my pants


    This is such a great film, the story is brilliant and it's really jumpy. It's one of the best ghost movies i've seen in a long time.

  4.  Lots of fun


    I don't think you should be too critical of this film, i saw it on the cinema in 3D, it's a very typical teen horror but it's great fun. Ok the plot is bad, the acting's bad but if you like cheesy fun horrors then this is really worth watching & the 3D is fabulous. I loved it.

  5.  A superb and classy tour


    I saw the X Tour live in Stockholm at Globen, it was totally amazing, Kylie is one of the best live show entertainers. Her voice was amazing too, One of the many performance highlights was the fabulous version of 'Slow'. Also seeing her sitting on a giant multicoloured skull suspended in the air as she sung 'Like A Drug' was visually fantastic. 10/10 for entertainment.

  6.  Wonderfully creepy Asian ghost tale


    This is another successful remake of an original Asian ghost story. This film has a classic ghostly atmosphere and a great story. My only complaint is that it's not scary enough and it didn't make me jump as much as it should've, other than that - i loved it.

  7.  This tragic movie should never have been made


    This movie is probably the most disgustingly twee, putrid tripe i've ever seen in my life, After 20 minutes i just wanted to be sick, but i stuck with it until the end and as i suspected, it got worse and worse and worse. I am a big fan of Meryl Streep and Julie Walters but in this movie i discovered that they can't act at all.

  8.  A Spanking Remake


    This is one of the most worthy remakes i have ever seen, it delves deeper into the story of michael myers which can often not work but in this instance makes it scarier, darker and more entertaining.

  9.  One of the best ghost stories ever


    This movie scared me so much and this directors cut is even better, totally worth buying. 10/10

  10.  Top class Horror


    This film is amazingly good. If you are a horror fan, this one is not to be missed.