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  1.  Recommend... just about...


    3 stars might be a bit harsh, 3.5 might be more accurate.

    The positives: Action and playability are really impressive. You will be hard pushed to find a game that has better shoot outs, which is a good thing because it will be all you are asked to do. No puzzles, mazes or decoding to be done. Just kill everything. Graphics are passable and there are some good locations.

    Negatives: Storyline is fairly weak with little depth and you wont really like anyone in the game, including max who's dialogue is so unbelievably cringeworthy its hard not to stuff your ears for fear of what he will say next in that over cooked gravelly voice. Also, it takes SO LONG for everything to load, which is inexplicable when you think of the other higher quality and more detailed games that are ready to go in a matter of seconds. its significantly frustrating. you have to sit through pointless scenes just so it can load. shouldn't happen in this day and age.

    Im glad i didn't pay full whack for it when it came out, but its definitely worth a go for around the 20 euro mark.

  2.  meh...


    same old same old from AC. the problem with this one is the story is very dull and at times incoherent. its too fragmented. also, it has no soul, you just dont care after a while about any of the characters. if its your first AC game you will probably enjoy it but i would recommend get the first and second game, give this a miss and see what AC 3 is like. Brotherhood is alright but again, nothing to write home about. Brotherhood is better than this though, this is the worst one.

  3.  a puzzler


    id give it 3 and a half if i could.

    negatives: a lot of horse riding involved. the dialogue scenes are long and very boring, but you can skip them. im not quite sure what the point of the game is. its a bit sims-ish.

    positives: i cant stop playing it! i get sucked in to games of poker and other ridiculous things. its just really adictive and i cant explain why.

    in conclusion im not sure whether i like it or not, but i keep playing it.!!!

    p.s. there's a lot of unnecessary animal killing and skinning involved. does it need to be there?

  4.  amazing...but....


    just incredible, unbelievably long, incredible graphics great story and sooo addicitive. some funny dialogue in it too.
    but the controls bug the hell out of me sometimes. Trying to get onto a ladder can be more work than it should be, and when you are trying to find cover the game has a mind of its own and puts you in the most ridiculous positions. doesnt stop me plying and loving it though.

  5.  resistance 3


    i dont give anything a five so its a solid 4 stars.

    not sure why people think it is too short, i didnt think so at all. i also dont think its like either the first or second one. (which i both liked). there's a real variety of settings and scenario's and the story has a nice feel about it. great stock of weapons too.