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  1.  Not as good as you are led to believe


    As a horror fan this had passed me by until I saw it on sale in a store last week. The front of the box gives you the impression it is the best horror in years and there are also some promising reviews on the internet. I took the plunge and must say I was somewhat dissapointed.

    Firstly, there is a lot to admire about the film....the early 80's feel and credits, the slow build up (albeit too slow IMO), what appears to be purposely bad acting at points and some great shots throughout, which all add to nostalgia.

    However I must admit that's where the postives end. The build up is practically 60mins of the 90mins running time and in that time very little happens in terms of scares, yes it is atmospheric and that is a good thing but 2/3rds of a film in build up is a little excessive.

    After that it devolves into practically a shot for shot renactment of any made for tv Hammer House of Horror shows from the eary 80's.

    My wife is not a horror fan and does not like watching as she scares easily and thought it was corny, not scary at all and like watching a hammer house of horror episode.

    It's not dreadful by any means and a lot better than run of the mill US mainstream horror but anyone who watches/buys should lower their expectations as this is not IMO a classic in any sense.

  2.  Good album that has improved over time


    Let me start by saying I don't think this is the best Oasis album but there is something very compelling about it and for me the tracks do gell well together. Noel's comments that its more a "groove" album than a "singles" album is very accurate. The album is one of the more varied Oasis albums (similar to DBTT) with the multi songwriting duties. Particular highlights - Bag it up, Shock of the..., High Horse. If I am going to be really critical I would say what drops it from a 5 star album is the lack of a really strong track to end the album - Soldier on is a good track but meanders a little.
    Unlike some of the previous Oasis albums this is one that every so often I keep coming back to and can appreciate and admire. After the also excellent Don't Believe the Truth another solid Oasis album

  3.  Average


    As always with James Patterson, very readable. However in my opinion not one of the better Alex Cross books. For me the plot and Cross travelling to Africa was very inplausable! I would suggest Patterson fans wait until this is released on paperback...

  4.  Enjoyable read!!!


    Found this to be one of JP's better books. Good plot and the storyline suited the introduction of what will become a new character series in Michael Bennett. Not sure about the 10 children aspect but with all JP's books you have to suspend belief to some degree. Recommended!

  5.  Worth the price!


    I agree with the previous person. The first 2 films are great and are essential if you like J Horror. Eye 10 is poor and has no story to speak of and has a couple of so called humerous parts which are just cringworthy! Only