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  1.  great.. mic that dont cut out!


    Very good mic. nice design.

    one problem though.. makes your ears very sore and ache after a few hours.. the foam should be a bit softer. it flattens your ear too hard.

  2.  Great peice of kit.


    If you have just bought the 250gb slim like me, this kit will save u alot of time transfering all your saved files onto usb flash drive etc.
    Formats the old hard drive aswell so you if your looking to sell it on, it removes everything you had on there and profile details.

    Worth chipping in with a friend maybe as your only going to use this cable once.

  3.  good SD card.. but doesn't work on Vista


    I have a dell computer that has a built in SD card reader.
    On vista when i insert this card it freezes the computer until you remove the sd card. I found out SD HC cards dont work on vista. So make sure you got your digital camera usb cables in order for this to work

  4.  Brilliant multiplayer game!


    Battlefield is here again with another cracking game.
    As usual the multiplayer is absolutly great, with the destroyable environments etc. A lot more enjoyable then COD4 as you can get into tanks, helicopters and best thing of all you can SNIPE, without a stupid kill cam showing your position.

    Story isn't that great, but hey its battlefield :P. Although the ending is pretty funny.

  5.  Brilliant peice of kit!


    I had the other charge pack the wired 1 and it was good but mine broke and checking the reviews on here some other customers also experienced that problem, thought i get this instead and its much better! charge 2 at once very good for my 3 controllers and its constantly on and its wireless :D
    You dont need your xbox on for this to work :)

  6.  Excellent TV


    Got this t.v just for my xbox 360! and i gotta say it was 10x better then i wanted it to be :D. Mine never came with freeview thats because i chose not to get it, but it seems it automatically comes with it now so thats even more satisfying. The HD mode is 720p and for its size thats brilliant.

    GREAT for bedroom gaming :P

  7.  Brilliant game for you RPG'ers


    Let me just say this now before i carry on!
    Never judge a game by reviews, if its your sorta game then you will love it and thats the case with blue dragon! Come on for god sakes this game is made by legendary final fantasy designers and thats a unbeatable rpg :). they have included some really nice new features to the rpg scene and im very surprised its on more than 1 disc which goes to show theres a lot of gameplay on offer :).

    All i can say really is.. if you love your turn-based rpg's then this game really is worth it.

  8.  has a lot of potenial


    I tottally agree with ZemMattress, my psp has just been collecting dust for like half a year now, i dont see why i should buy the games for it when they are all the same games that are released on 360 or ps3. It needs more psp only exclusive games and then maybe i might gain intrest in it again.

    Dont get me wrong it has so much potenial to being the best handheld ever. UMD is a good invention and i love the psp's menu interface, awsome graphics, connect to the net.. its like a mini PC :D

    maybe you all disagree with me, but maybe the psp isn't for me.

  9.  Absolutly Brilliant


    Iv'e had this game since november last year, and all i can say is.. it's still my most played game online! you just cant go about your daily business with out playing it :)

    The story mode is good, but to be honest this game is all about the online gaming.

    I hope your all buying it, because at this price.. your stupid not too :)

  10.  The next class of gaming :D


    I would have to say, this is what makes xbox what it is!..

    The whole system is just awsome allowing you to download demos, trailers and how many games have online play etc. Both wii and ps3 seem to have really put effort into there online systems because they knew xbox live is such a hit since xbox 1 days.

    for this price for a whole year, you'll be enjoying kicking your friend's arses online haha!