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  1.  A new era but lacks appeal


    I'm a huge Resi fan and like many other players I was looking forward to hopefully a better game then Resi 5, sorry to say it but it fails.
    This feels more like a ramped up version of Resi Evil the Mercenaries and certainly does not justify the price.
    If this is the kind of game that Capcom are throwing out I will hold back on Resi 6 on release till I read the reviews.
    I recommend Silent Hill downpour, it has at least stuck to what its customers know best.

  2.  Great wee game


    I bought this as Resi game Operation Racoon city was put back to March, a good game, easy to use touch pad, the only negative is if your used to a control pad for X-Box or PS3 the L1 & R1 buttons can be tricky.
    Game wise, quite good, great graphics considering DS, very addictive, and on-line play can be useful against some bosses.
    When you complete unlike other games, you get to keep your upgraded weapons, this is pretty useful if you choose to play on hard....
    If your a Resi fan as I am, buy it.

  3.  Good, but not really a Resi game...


    ...as such, yes there's the chance to play as Hunk and Barry from Resi 1, but all the game play is from RE5, they could have thrown in a few other older revamped levels from older games, all n all, it passes the time, good but its just a money spinner really.

  4.  Awww come on...


    This has to be one of the best Zombie games out in a long while, Left for Dead, yes was great, but very repetitive.
    Dead Island is fresh good fun, true not as massive as Fallout 3, but still a bright , colourful and entertaining game, roll on the Bloodbath Arena map, this will keep me ticking over till next year for Resi Operation Raccoon City arrives!!!

  5.  Fun on Two Player


    Dead Space on Wii, not bad , I used the Wii guns, fun to play but not a patch on PS or XBox versions.
    Resi games are as good if not better for these Rail games.
    Still better than I thought it would have been.

  6.  Brillaint


    Great game play, dialogue is funny and well thought of, beautiful locations, dare I say it, better than Tomb Raider.
    This is a must have classic game in any collection and with Naughty Dog bringing out DF 3 in November... you still have time to see how a good game is desighed.
    Better than the first and in my top 10 games of all time.

  7.  A step back in Time


    This was the 3rd game I played on the PS 1 after Doom and Resident Evil, fantastic.
    This is a brillaint re-make and with the new Tomb Raider due out in 2012, this is a great game to play now to see where it all started.
    I recently down loaded the original on my sons PSP, some difference lol.
    Buy it, you'll love it.

  8.  Another great game


    Probably better than the first and you don't need to have played the first to enjoy this.
    Save or use the little sisters, your choice, only more of a difference this time, big sister is watching.
    Excellent perks again.
    I really found this enjoyable, online is okay, but gameplay alone is up there with the rest, at this price the're basically giving it away.

  9.  One hell of a massive game


    I bought this game with all the DLC included, I quickly got bored with it and put it in rainy day box, only for my son to start playing it and getting stuck, I went on to help and boy I'm glad I did, it soon got to the stage of "have you go no friends to play with" and "MUM, dads taking over again".
    It does take a while to get into, but stick with it, when you get used to the game play and maps its great fun, massive areas to explore, there's a perk to show all areas on your map, you need it.
    The only negative is with this game your level up is only to 30 (20 on the original) this really takes the fun out of the game as theres stacks of perks still to be had, why its limited I'll never know as you will still have a 3rd of undiscovered areas to find.
    Hours and hours of fun to be had here. buy it.

  10.  Updated Alone in the Dark


    Bought this about a year ago, after poor reviews and bored with MW2 I decided to give it a go, I must admit I quite enjoyed the game, its no Silent Hill more Alone in the Dark, I would recommend, and at this price, its a bargain. Buy it.