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  1.  Stieg Larsson's genius work


    One of the best of its genre. I love this trilogy and its great in Blu-ray. The story is simply amazing, and the characters Lisbeth and Mikael superb. They do a wonderful job in portraying the characters. The film seems "authentic", and the story is multi-dimensional. Apart from a bit graininess in the 2nd film, though you can overlook that. Highly recommended!

  2.  One of the best films


    I'd say, easily, one of the best in drama/romance films that I have watched in a long time. Get it in Blu-ray

  3.  Stunning!


    I give this 5 stars because its a great film overall; it has a solid story, it has unique and enchanting characters, and of course cool fight scenes! Whether you're for the action or for the story, you get both well balanced, and plus the superb visuals, due to the Blu-ray. The actor Jiang Wen is too cool, and Donnie Yen is as awesome as always, he surely delivers. You need not be a Donnie Yen fan as I am to enjoy this film to the fullest. I highly recommend this film!

  4.  A Classic


    Pitt, Forlani and Hopkins do a fantastic job. I just love this film. I can watch it many times over, and still find it as exciting and interesting as it was before. Great story, well directed, great soundtrack, interesting dialogue and humour. I strongly recommended this film, especially in Blu-ray.

  5.  A Really Great Game


    I wasn't sure what I'd expect to find in this game, given the mixed reviews and opinions of different people who had played the game. Some said the game is awesome, others said it was just okay, or not really that impressive.

    To describe this game, I'd say, MSG comes to mind, but then also FPS games like MW2 and such. Also a bit of splinter cell maybe? You can play this game differently, depending on what you upgrade, and your own style, and in some instances you will be forced to play it as a shooter (example boss fights).

    I was impressed by the graphics, the smooth frame rate, the environment, and other smaller details. Even though I think they could have done a much better job if they wanted to, but you can't have a perfect game. The main character is pretty cool, the dialogue options I like the idea, similar to 'Heavy Rain' and 'Mass Effect 2'. The story is solid, I wouldn't say original, but they did attempt to keep it as original as they could. Nonetheless unique in its own way. Soundtrack is great, and the music compliments the game, giving you a very unique connection.

    Few flaws I wish to point out: The voice acting, well, its apparent to me that they recorded in a room with Reverberation that doesn't match the scenes in the game, but that's too picky of me to even point out. Its a minor thing really. But the quality of the voice of the characters are superb. Another big disappointment is the replay value. I was expecting a 'continue with the current powers second play' kinda thing, but nope. Although that doesn't stop you from playing the 2nd and 3rd time perhaps, because of how many upgrades you may not be able to do within one play-through, which means you can play the game completely differently the 2nd time, and so on. Other than that, I wish the game was longer. I guess there is an extra mission through DLC? They should have put it in this package! Really.

    I still recommend this game. At that price, I could not resist.

  6.  Strongly Recommended


    I hadn't played these 3 titles yet, so it was worth the wait to get them on PS3 at such a low price. I have played Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3, and 4 completely but number 5 only partially.

    At first if you haven't played these newer Tomb Raider games, it will take you a while to get used to the controls. But you shall quickly pick up the pace, and you may find the game mechanics quite easy to follow. The secrets / treasures just like in the older games, fun as always trying to find them.

    The graphics seem more 'polished', HD right? Yes. I saw Tomb Raider Underworld at my local store for 3 times the price of this product. So I got this. Three in one, for one third. Win. If you're a Tomb Raider fan, or even just curious, get it. Its worth the price.

  7.  You should get it


    On the plus: The game is massive, Super good graphics. There are many ways to play it, the story is detailed, and solid. Packed with action, drama, romance, etc. It has great replay value as well (unlike many other single-player games these days), and as well as side-missions. I'd say its kinda open-world, freedom to choose what side-missions, options to upgrade your team, etc. I enjoyed it a lot even thought I'm not much into shooters (although you need not play it as a shooter). Good for even casual gamers like me, who play with 'easy' difficulty.

    Some few minor drawbacks: At times, the game can be 'glitchy' in the sense of frames jumping or minor freezes in your gameplay, even though the game has never completely froze on me. Sometimes, the voice acting sounds rushed because it cuts off/jumps the last words on the sentence. But nothing major. I'm using the ps3 slim, so I'm not sure why that happens. Other minor issues have to do with the technical details and game design, I shall skip those because I don't want to spoil anything.

    I recommend getting this game.