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  1.  great way to kick off 2010


    Tatsunnoko vs capcom is a great fighting game, which isn't let down by the wii hardware at all!as one of the reviews below suggest (infact the original arcade game was built on wii hardware so theirs no frame dips etc in the conversion to the console)

    The cast of fighters is very good to which is great because when online your not just playing against ryu and ken like on street fighter 4.
    As for online i have no problems with lag when playing 90% of the time.You can also choose to find people in the same country or worldwide, as for finding a game it normally take about 1-2mins which is a bit of a pain, but thankfully you can rematch the same player again and again and add to your rival roaster if you both agree to it.

    graphics are clean and crisp running via component(480p)
    Sound is pretty good although i preferred the Japanese version of tatsunoko vs capcom cross generation of heroes where the music would change when a new fighter would enter the fight.

    All in all i defo recommend tatsunoko vs capcom to everyone!
    its different enough to street fighter4 to warrant a purchase if you already have sf4

  2. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10

    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £20.62  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     it just not that fun


    kinda like fifa 09 but always thought pro evo wii always had more to it.
    fifa 10 is a strange one because it has no reason to exist really i have mario strickers for my arcade footie and pro evo for my simulation i dont need a half harted version of the 2. good points in my opinion are the graphics are crisp and the online play works well with ea severs

  3.  good game


    this is a good game with a good humour , reason i dont award it five stars is because the save file is massive about 150 blocks and you cant transfer it to memory card. wont be a problem for most but i thought id let you no!

  4.  hmmmm


    didnt like this to much, think it was because ive played most of the event on various other games which work better and were more fun. havent played multi player tho so this might be why i didnt enjoy it so much, which was the same feeling a had on m+s at the Olympics games

  5.  one of the best 2d marios to date.


    best mario 2d game since the snes, harder than nsmb ds which is a good thing, one of the best title this year for any platform. im switching between mw2 on my ps3 and this. mw2 let me down a little bit and this just puts the smile back on my face. havent tried the multiplayer so this review is just for one player thanks

  6.  answer for john 83


    no its not a 1080p panel the screen is 1368x768 which means 720p/1080i. your looking a screen which says 1080 where this one says 768, hope im clear

  7.  love it


    great album only had it for a couple of days and its worth money already

  8.  great drive created 3 partitions wbfs ntfs and fat32


    got a blue screen system crash when i tried to use usb turbo as i dont have usb2.0 im only on usb1.1 had to turn turbo off wrks fine now
    created 3 partitions wbfs ntfs and fat 32 all work great.
    for 70 quid is a great price

  9.  will jones rugby


    most sony ericcsonns use m2 cards not micro sd. a couple of sony phones can use either eg k850. youll probably have to buy a m2 card

  10.  beats every football game imo


    played alot of football games over the years but once you get used to the controls of this their no better way to play.