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  1.  dont answer the phone.


    The best modern day horror made,since 1996 other movies have tried but screams still the best. Also 2 & 3 r enjoyable watches(avoid 4 lol) but this ones the best. still love it today all these years later. A must have for any horror fan, Wes Craven at his screaming best.

  2.  back where he belongs


    as enjoyable as 1 and 2. Freddys back where he belongs in this 1 , your dreams . the puppet scene is one of my fav of the whole series , classic.

  3.  give freddy a break


    Ok not as good as the first but still amazing. only a real nightmare on elm street series fan will enjoy this film even though freddy crosses over and dosent attack others in their dreams except poor jessie whos body he uses to cross over into reality.

  4.  thank god i live in england


    horror at its very best. stunning,shocking remake. full of full on gore and wonderful cannibal characters, remind me of some of the inbreds on the pilands estate.

  5.  dont mess with that girl


    one of the very few remakes i prefered to its original(along with i spit on ur grave , halloween, TCM and the hills have eyes). believable in ever way , probably the choice most parents would take if that was their daughter. love the microwave.

  6.  revenge is sweet


    excellent remake. bit graphic in rape scenes but her come back is amazing. be ready to be shocked to ur core.

  7.  watch who u pick on


    i loved this film and as a remake i prefer it to the original which i rarely do. loved the whole part of his childhood that the original lacked . full of gore,shocks and screams.

  8.  happy halloween!!


    never 1 of my favs but still a classic and a must own for any true horror fan.

  9.  never sleep again


    this is where my horror addiction began, watching this classic aged 6 hiding behind my teddy bear. original and scary as hell the best of its era, wes craven at his very best.

  10.  only a german nazi could dream this up


    crazy nazi cannibals, met horny young stoners. totally classic film with shocking scenes and a great story line. not for the faint hearted.