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  1. Cargo



    17 New from  £7.99  Free delivery

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     astounding picture quality.


    it has to be said that the picture quality of this bluray is amazing. almost 3d super sharp with brilliant contrast and totally realistic lighting for the space scenes. it is only let down by the stereo sound which is a shame. true,the stereo is very lively but full surround would have made this a 5/5.

  2.  moving and engrossing.


    easily one of the best movies,whether british or world cinema doesn't matter. totally believable performances coupled with a really moving believable story line the the kite runner a must have for any cinema fan. brilliant.

  3. Moon



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     great film !


    i was totally captivated by sam rockwell's performance. a slowly building feeling of paranoia and isolation culminating in a brilliant last half hour.
    films dont have to have action all he way through and multi-million cgi budgets.a great story,well photographed and subtly directed allows rockwell to shine.

  4.  great fun !!


    funny-fascinating-scary-surreal-just a few words to sum up this quirky film.
    great performance in the lead role and the commentary is brilliant.
    makes a change from the huge budget glossy conveyer belt stuff being churned out.
    not for everyone but great entertainment for those with a sense of humour and an open mind.

  5.  disturbing


    We are used to seeing all sorts of images and portrayals of the sinister side of life nowadays arent we ? Watching martyrs leaves you feeling that there must be people out there who behave like the "religious" characters in this film who believe in the darkest ideals. This film will haunt you for days afterwards-especially the final image-i suppose that is the intention.french "horror" seems to be based on the very very dark taboo subjects we know happen but noone talks about.
    This film brings it out into the open and sticks it in your face.
    Dont expect to feel good after watching this. I felt a bit numb and thinking "could this really happen ?"
    The thoght that preys on my mind is that the answer to that question is probably yes !
    Thats what makes martyrs disturbing.

  6.  A bit non-pussed !


    All the people involved in this project are the best at what they do. But put them all together and their is a corporate feel to this that means that it isnt as good as the best they have done on their own or with their previous bands.
    Perhaps i was expecting too much but it doesnt stand out as anything different. Yes its full of energy-beatifully played and produced but its just too slick. If its meant to be rock n roll then the answer have them beaten on sheer energy and their live feel.
    Shame,i was looking forward to this.

  7.  Brilliantly dramatic.


    All the way through the film your attention is held by convincing performances from all the leading actors.The cimax is totally spellbinding and leaves you with a feeling that you have witnessed something you never expected.picture and sound are excellent.Sound in particular is important for a dialogue based film and the dts master audio sound is vey clear.it is well worth watching the original interview after the fim to see the real drama.
    a great film from one of cinemas great perceptive directors.

  8.  totally engrossing - a great story beautifully told.


    i found myself totally immeresed in this gently humourous and perceptive movie. nicholson and freeman gel completely and their characters are entirely believable,even though the dont do anything spectacular or particularly memorable.the ending is heart wrenching so be prepared.the soundtrack is only dolby digital but being a predominantly dialogue base film it copes fine.
    visually the transfer is excellent. a great story beautifully told.

  9.  a truly great movie.


    this is a great story beautifully acted by both cruz and kingsley. the characters are totally believable,especially cruz who could so easily just have been there for eye candy.
    as the story unfolds your attention is held from start to finish through great storytelling and excellent naturalistic photography.
    a movie that isbasically all about the dialogue is never going to test your surround system but is conveys the atmosphere and the transfer is saturated and sharp.
    i would highly recommend this.

  10.  ok but nothing more.


    i agree with the previous reviewer. dead mans shoes is a powerful film but this seems to be an undeveloped idea that has been stretched out too far.the black and white is unecesary and the whole feel is a bit lack-lustre. its a shame i was really looking forward to watching this.