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  1.  Its getting better


    Some wouldn't believe this but the game is getting better and the bugs are slowly becoming fewer. Yes Dice have made a lot of mistakes with this game but stability is getting better. I now have 69h 30m of game play under my belt. The game play is excellent and the game is very well balanced. Each game mode has its own challenges and each weapon class has its own challenges. A lot of people have gone for COD due to the issues on BF4 but Activision did exactly what they have done for 10 years, new engine same old garbage a lot of the mechanics are just reused from previous titles and is essentially the same game. Dice were perhaps too ambitious with this but the wait has been worth it. Give this game a chance and you won't be disappointed.

  2.  They ruined it!!!!


    I watched this with my friends and until the last ten minutes it was brilliant, it kept us on the edge of our seats but the ending ruined the whole thing. It was all shaping up to be a horror but then to turn si-fi at the last minute it was a massive let down my friends and I could not believe it we were actually gutted by it.

  3.  Havn't really had a problem


    This game does have bugs but i haven't really been affected by them the only one i did have was after i prestiged this is a known but with the grenades it doesnt effect the game play but you do get a lovely message at the start of a round and then all the ignorent people say that your cheating, which i'm not. Although cheating is rife in the game but it will always be a problem. Now for the game play its really enjoyable and i thrive in the fast pace of the game its just the niggling bugs that spoil it a little bit for me but they aint that big of a problem.

  4.  Great


    After I read a few negative review of this album when I first put it into my CD player this morning I grimaced as the first track started expecting something really bad but as I listened this soon went away, the beats are fantastic and the lyrics are quality and this continues through out the album. I fully enjoyed this album and it will remain in my CD player for a while to come. Pinocchio Story is beautiful heart felt track that tugs at the heart strings very powerful.

  5. New Man

    New Man

    Joe Thomas - CD

    3 New from  £12.72  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29

     Can't wait


    I know that this album has'nt been released yet but I have heard some of the promotion material and if that is anything to go by then this album will be great, Ememgency room (ER) sounds great but my personal favourite is the track "new man" which I think is the best R&B track this year by a mile, another song that sounds great is "Heart behind my eyes".

    This album will be awesome because Joe Thomas is #1 R&B/soul singer there is and he has'nt released a bad album yet!!!