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  1.  KoRn!!!


    This album is amazing! KoRn finally have their heavy sound back again (best album since Head left). Fieldy's bass in this album is great, totally love it! JD's singing is very emotional in some songs, reminds me of the ealier albums. Drums are great also, Ray is an amazing drummer but I like how he kept some of davids playing style in some of the songs - e.g. the high hat bounce in "Fear Is A Place To Live" (reminds me of the "Here to Stay" drum sound. Munky has some very good riffs in this album, seems he has grown as a guitar player since head left.

    Favourite song so far is "The Past" but I like them all :)

  2.  Flymore (sounds like KoRn)


    This band sounds exactly like old school KoRn. They have copied a lot of KoRn's sound and the singer even sounds like Jonathan Davis. A lot of people are complaining and moaning that these guys are ripping KoRn off (which they probably are). But this album sounds more like KoRn than KoRn's last album did (untitled 2007)

    Basically if you are a fan of KoRn and like their sound, then you will really like this.

    P.S. Sometimes when I'm listening to this album I forget that it isn't actually KoRn lol.

  3.  No Drumsticks


    Ok so I opened up my "band in a box" and everything was there (apart from the Drum Sticks). So I guess I need to spend even more money and buy some drum sticks from somewhere.

    The game is excellent, but I've gave this 2 stars because I'm missing a pair of drum sticks when it said on the box that they were included.

    This box is pretty expensive as it is so eveything should have been included!

  4.  Excellent!


    This has to be one of the best vampire films of all time. If you like vampires you will love this film.

  5.  Amazing


    One of KoRn's best albums.

    My fav tracks are -

    Here to Stay
    Hollow Life
    Alone I Break
    No One's There

  6.  Not Impressed.


    Worth at least 1 watch, but wouldn't watch a 2nd time.

    If you want a good vampire film go and watch "Interview with a Vampire".