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  1.  Perfection


    It was a crime against entertainment that this show was cancelled before its time. Quite possibly the best sci-fi tv show of all time, if not the best TV show of all time.

    The characters are brilliant and believable, loveable and noble despite their flaws and differing views on subjects and situations. You always find yourself rooting for them but not through the typical "they are the good guys so you feel you must" sort of way, but rather because you genuinely feel for them and have a real attachment to them.

    The overarching story line is great and full of mystery which keeps you involved and the stories of each episode are intriguing, full of twists and unexpected surprises.

    It's fast, funny, action packed and often very deep and inspiring with a perfect wild west meets scifi aesthetic. It's also got plenty of great quotable lines, too.

    I honestly can't say enough good things about this series. If you own the DVDs, buy the Blu Rays. If you don't own either, then make sure you do. This series and the accompanying, and equally awesome movie (Serenity) are essential additions to any self respecting sc-fi fan's collection.

  2.  Absolutely TERRIBLE!


    I rarely feel compelled to take the time and write a bad review for a film, but this film just stirred something that made me want to warn everyone about how bad it was.
    Sure it's action packed but it's some of the lamest, most predictable, and boring action i've ever seen. From the start you don't really get what's going on, and because the characters are so damned boring it's likely that won't care either. The hospital shoot outs are terrible. They're slow, boring, unimaginative and just generally rubbish. I'm not one to push the idea of realism in action movies, but even Arnie reloads more often in Predator than any of the characters in this film. I watched Snipes fire at least 40 rounds from a 9mm despite the fact he wasn't carrying any extra ammo and he never had to reload. There's no tension in any of the scenes, it's just boring and tedious and for some reason it keeps going into this noisy gritty sepia toned camera angle thing that serves no narrative or cinematographic purpose whatsoever.


  3.  Simply perfect


    I honestly cannot fault this film in the least. I'm 24 and braved the streams of kids to go and see this film at the iMax on release. It literally blew me away. I was expecting something light hearted and easy going with a lot of humour. It delivered this and SO much more. Hilarious comedy, loveable characters, great story line, perfect voice acting, epic music, and stunning visuals with some of the best action animation I've seen. It's a kids film but HTTYD delivers on so many levels. The friendship between Hiccup and Toothless is quite simply heart touching, you get so attached to the two of them that you will end up getting teary eyed in so many places and I can guarantee that you will be grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day after watching.
    Just literally perfect. I even rate this over Avatar and Toy Story 3 which i consider to be the other 2 top films of the year. I saw it 3 times at iMax and tonight will be the 3rd viewing of the BluRay.

    Buy it NOW!

  4.  Don't read this, just buy it!


    I could bang on about how awesome absolutely everything about this film is for days but basically it's the best movie i have seen since the original star wars movies or the lord of the rings trilogy.

    The acting, the story, the characters, the locations...totally unbelievable. The special effects in particularly impressed me, especially after watching the making of. When over 90% of the movie is untouched by computer trickery (as opposed to the new star wars films which were 90% cg rubbish) it really makes the action and locations feel believable and realistic, mainly because they are!

    You really need to watch it several times just to catch everything - on my 4th watch so far and i plan on watching it again next week.

    The only real way to describe this movie is to call it the distillation of pure awesomeness that no other movie to date has managed to achieve.

    Finally, a series of comic hero films that don't suck!

  5.  Quite possibly...


    ...one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire lifetime, and I've seen all the Grease movies...

    Obviously all reviews from the general public will be biassed, and having said that I have to say that my review will be as well simply because i HATE musicals. I blame this hate on secondary school music lessons which basically consisted of watching a musical every other week.

    The problem I find with musicals seem to apply to every single one I've seen, including this one.

    The acting is terrible, possibly due to the fact that the actors are playing two-dimensional characters with little backstory, personality, or interesting features and the annoying habbit of breaking out into song whenever a bird passes over head and leaves a present on their car. What i can't understand is why they hired actors to sing!? If it's meant to be a musical where 90% of the film is singing, then why not hire singers!? As a result you get actors, who are admittedly rubbish anyway, acting badly AND singing badly. At least if they hired singers the singing would be good. If anyone says that Pierce Brosnan can sing, I must conclude that they must be referring to another Pierce Brosnan who i don't know about.

    As for the plot...well...there really isn't one. It has a feeling that it was written after they had chosen the songs they liked just to give the audience something to look at between the songs (for like 5 minutes). I must admit there are some parts that made me laugh, but in a very slapstick kind of way that doesn't make me laugh while thinking about them.

    As mentioned before, the singing is pretty poor, the same goes for the dancing. There are a few Abba songs that I like, but I have to agree with the other reviewer who basically summed this film up as an advert for Abba and to squeeze an extra bit of cash out of the long dead Abba cash cow.

    This film actually fulfilled my expectations. It really was a poorly produced, poorly acted, poorly sang, poorly presented waste of 1 hour and 44 minutes of my life.

    I would give it half a star, simply because I've seen Uwe Boll films that have been better in all respects. And when someone says something like that, you know there's something definitely wrong here.

  6.  Great Potential


    It's fair to say that this game has more than a few glitches. When it was first released there were loads of them but they are steadily being worked out. This was partly due to the company who made it (Sigil) actually ran out of money while developing it. But ignoring the bugs Vaguard is a great game that changes a lot of the boring monotonous things about MMORPGs. If you find the mindless grinding of say Guild Wars and especially World of Warcraft mind meltingly boring then you should try this. Potentially you could go through the game without even picking up a weapon or clonking a enemy over the head with a mace. Thanks to the 3 speheres introduced you can advance the way you want to. If you like monster slaying and such then the Adventure sphere is where you will advance, if you would like to try your hand at being a diplomat then you can advance in the Diplomat sphere. Or perhaps your hands are best suited to building ships, homes, weapons and other items - the crafting sphere is where you will advance. Personally i think this game is great, and as the bugs are being ironed out I find myself liking the game more and more. the graphics are very nice (if a little plastic looking sometimes) and the combat system is engaging and intuitive. there are loads of features in this game so give it a chance and try to explore as many as you can. Perhaps see if there is a free trial available first though. As mentioned the graphics are great so you will need a fairly powerful PC. My girlfriends PC can run it fine with an AMD 3400 Athlon XP, 1GB DDR 400mhz RAM and ATI X800 Pro 256mb graphics card. However, be warned this game is a monster when it comes to hard drive space, currently it's weighing in at 18 GIGABYTES! Thats 3 times more than World of Warcraft, so make sure you can spare the space.

    Overall: Well worth a look, as the bugs are ironed out further it should fulfill its potential.