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  1.  Schwarzennegers best !!!


    This is my favourite Schwarzenneger film of all. Absolutely brilliant, engaging storyline that wil leave you guessing to the end. Fantastic picture and sound quality in Blu ray. A must for your collections.

  2.  Great Next Generation Movie !


    Not the best of the star trek next gen movies but still a valliant effort and good film. Johnathan Frakes does a good job directing in this movie with great support from his original next gen cast. Liked the storyline and once again great visual effects from the crew as per usual. Recommended hence 4 stars !!!!

  3.  Captain Kirk at his best !!!


    The greatest Kirk era Trek film of them all. Ricardo Montalban reprises his role as the genetic superman Khan Noonien Singh Intent on revenge on Kirk for marooning him and his crew on a dead moon. Fantastic visuals for the age and great performance from the main cast. Well tied in by the writers to the original series episode "space seed" Kirk at his best !!!

  4.  First contacts Nemesis !!!


    This is possibly the best next generation film of them all ! It brings the next generation storyline to a close with a big bang ! The writers have done a good job to keep the suspence high. Once again strong performances from all of the cast especially Brent Spiner (Data). Highly recommended

  5.  Resistance Is futile !!!!


    As per usual Patrick Stewart delivers a strong and fantastic performance as the capt of the enterprise "E" . All of the usual cast reprise there roles to a high standard and the storyline is rich and fast moving. Perhaps the best Next Generation movie of all.

  6.  Magical Stardust !!


    Thoroughly enjoyed this movie, stunning visuals and the chemistry between the actors was tremdous. Very entertaining from start to finish. The sub plot between the brothers is a great story in itself !
    Highly recommend this movie to anyone !!

  7.  This film is unfunny and very confused !!!


    When I saw the trailer to this film it looked like it should have been very funny and good. The first quarter of the film was quite funny but the novelty of "Sweeding" a film soon wore off. Then for the rest of the film it was embarrising to see such a great comedy actor like Jack Black try his best to make this film work. The last quarter of the film switched to what I can only describe as a sentimental documentary about someone we have never heard of, no gags, just utter tripe.
    This film is very confused and fails to raise more than a slight chuckle at the early "sweeding". Personally I would avoid.