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  1.  A real workout. Great for beginners.


    As the last review was written about three years ago I thought I'd write a quick update. Yes, this DVD is very good and it really does make you sweat. When I first got it I played it through first and thought, "that's easy, I can do that". Boy, was I wrong. Whilst I can more or less do everything on the DVD you realise it really does make you sweat and this is when you realise how strong or weak your body strength is. You need to learn to control your breathing (which I'm still hopeless at a month or so later but slowly improving) and always remember to draw your navel into your spine to increase your core strength. Not easy when you're panting for breath. It makes you wonder how the heck the instructor can talk whilst she's excercising, but of course it's because she's superfit.

    And as previous reviews have said, it's not an hour and 25 as advertised. That may include the extras and stuff, but the actual workout is really only about 35mins: 20mins standing pilates, 15 on the mat. To get approx. an hour's workout I do the standing pilates twice: standing, mat then standing again. But it is a good workout if you don't have a full hour to spare.

    This DVD is a good idea for those who like their workout without any impact.. I actually had another DVD I bought here on Play.com but with all the jumping up and down it started doing my knee in which is a shame, so I got Pilates for Dummies and whilst it's a more sedate workout, don't be fooled, you sweat like a pig. It's a great workout and a good introduction for those who like me haven't done pilates before.

  2.  I keep crying like a baby.


    I can't believe that UK tv here didn't renew Private Practice after season 3, forcing me to buy season 4 after getting me wrapped up in the series. I only realised it wasn't coming back when I read somewhere online that the channel that normally shows it wasn't picking up season 4.

    This season is the best so far, it's a lot more sensitive, more thought-provoking, more sexy. "Ameila", "Derek Shepherd's" (from Grey's Anatomy) sister is a welcome addition to the cast, she's like a pocket rocket. A kick-ass neuro-surgeon with her own vulnerabilities.

    I've only just completed the second dvd out of six and I've been crying like a baby watching it. I won't say why, you'll have to buy it and see for yourself. If you're a fan of Private Practice and you haven't seen season 4 yet, you need to get this. And very reasonably priced too. Now I'm just waiting for season 5.

  3.  Well, I loved it.


    Bearing in mind I haven't worked out in about 10 years and I consider myselt to be very unfit this dvd works on all the parts it's supposed to. I did find some bits of it difficult to execute and considering Workout 1 was supposed to be for beginners, it was a bit too high impact for me. So I've put my own spin on it and just do what I think I'm physically fit to do until I can increasse my level of fitness. I love the soca and Carribbean influences in Workout 2.

    There were also parts in the Legs, Bums & Tums section which was difficult for me. So if you're a complete beginner or like me you're overweight and haven't worked out in years that part is a bit of a challenge. But again I just picked out the bits I know I can do and just get on with it.

    Along with all that is a 3rd workout which I've yet to tackle, but with the first two workouts, the toning up and the stretch, it takes me to just over an hour's workout, which I've promised myself I'll attempt to do 3 times a week. The Legs, Bums & Tums is an extra 15 minutes which I'm going to try and do twice a week. Overall the great thing about this dvd is that you can mix and match according your level of fitness.

    I worked out today, am happily sore and would recommend it. The music's great too. The kind of beat you need to keep going.