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  1.  Goldeneye Reloaded fails to live up to my expetations


    I really do remember the good old days, when i was around eight years old, and couldn't stop playing Goldeneye 007 on my N64.
    I mean, lets face it... that game was a masterpiece in the First Person shooter genre. The game lasted fairly long, and the multiplayer sessions were just too fun.

    Back in 2010, Eurocom released the remake of Goldeneye, to ensure that the true fans could get the finest memories back. Unfortunately, that's just not the case with the HD version or the Wii version.

    Gameplay is just on par with standard shooters out on the market. The campaign is just a complete rip-off from the "Call of Duty" games. The massive action-sequences are just tedious and linear. There are no Car-chases (aside from a excessive chase in St. Petersburg involving the classic Tank). The story isn't as catchy as i'd hope, and some of the voice acting (Ouromov, Valentine, Natalya) are just terrible at times. Daniel Craig performs his voice acting admirably better, along with the man who provides the voice for Alec. Another Issue is that there is never any real chemistry between Bond and Natalya, her role in this game is just far to small.

    However, the game isn't all terrible.
    The stealth moments in the game are very exciting, whether you choose to subdue the guards by either shoot them with your silenced handgun, or use a cool takedown by pressing the R3 button.
    The locations can look pretty impressive too, especially the last chapter in Nigeria. And of course, let's not forget the soundtrack, which really makes the bond-feel more obvious.

    Multiplayer is fine though, but not at fun as the N64 version. That's it!

    All in all:
    An okay game, but that's it. FPS gamers look somewhere else, and Bond fans, it's a rent or a pass on this one.
    In my opinion, Blood Stone, had more variety, even though that game wasn't the best either. God, I miss "Everything or Nothing"