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  1.  So good it hurts


    Its FIFA 12 but handheld with touchscreen or should i say touchscreen's . Love the new touch the back pad to shoot feature as it adds so much more to the game when shooting. Its much easier to score a goal and more spectacular. Using the front screen to pass is also a real good feature as no more hit x and hope it goes to the correct player. Buy this game even if you own the ps3 version, you wont regret it, i know i haven't.

  2. Portal 2

    Portal 2


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     PORTAL 2 PC


    Yes this game is going to be epic, but i also bought it on PC via steam but i read you can ask for a refund if the game is in a pre-order state fingers crossed!

  3.  Resident Move 5


    I did not like this game 1st time around found it hard to aim and quite boring tbh. Since it is now compatible with the ps move it has vastly hightened the experience, yes the controls are still a bit clunky, but at least you can aim properly which was (what i thought) the main problem with the game.

  4. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


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     Demo Review


    Allright then! so i got the pro evo demo early on ps3 plus and was like wow this is much better than previous titles, maybe even better than fifa 10, but something still seems missing. Then the fifa 11 demo came out and i was astonished. I loved fifa 10 it is amazing compared to pro evo imho but this demo knocked my socks off. I dont usually play demos more than a couple of times but i cannot get off this one, the gameplay is fantastic, so fluid and controllable. All the modes that will be in the full game will make this so epic i can't take the wait any longer!

    FIFA 11 is going to be the dominant species yet again! If you disagree expect Chuck Norris to be after you!

  5.  If carlsberg made racing games......


    Why give a review of the demo for this game and say the graphics are poor? I totally disagree the game looks amazing as its not even meant for the graphics but the gameplay which is far more advanced than lets say the new NFS. The graphics are an added bonus especially running it at 60hz as some guy said in an earlier review.

    One of my favorite things about forza 3 is how you can customize the cars to drive to your skill level. Having trouble braking round corners? simple turn on the automatic brake system, and there is much more options like this to suit your style of play.

    Another great idea they have thrown in is the rewind option. Have you totally screwed up and crashed? no problem press the rewind button and you get to go back where you want in the race to avoid messing up again, only downfall is your time will not be uploaded to xbox live, but hey its all about practise at first right?

    If your looking for a great fun and playable racing game buy this, it will NOT dissapoint!

  6.  Based from demo


    I do love metallica and i believe this is going to be such a blast. I do agree with poeple about the songs which are missing such as Ride The Lightning and Blackened but i do like the way they have put some original songs from the garage inc. album on there! Downfall is CANNOT WAIT TILL 29TH MAY! BRING ON THE PUPPETS!



    I got this game yesterday and when i played it for the first time i thought it wasn't very good. what was the hype all about? i even considered swapping it for another game. when i had played it for another couple of hours my opinion changed drastically, it is so good to see a game where you can tweak the entire car or should i say 300+ cars and upgrade, spray paint etc etc and thats even before racing! you see, i didn't like it because my car was slow didn't turn corners well but after i had upgraded and made it my own then i realised the greatness of this game. So please dont write a review without trying the game for what it is first. A++ i would rate at 94% totally awesome game. only downer is the graphics but at a 60fps without slow down you cant really complain!