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  1.  Some bits missing


    Great book, lots of details, pictures and information and the same layout and style as the platinum guide, however it doesn't contain the national dex and only covers the story up to completing the elite four and then stops. The top right hand corner of the front cover advises of a free map poster Vol. 1 which leads me to think they will try and cash in and release a second book got the post E4 adventure which is slightly annoying, other then that a great asset to any Trainer

  2.  Great Fun


    For those that say there is no difference between this and Diamond and Pearl don't know what they are talkign about. Some of the charges are subtle like snow in Twin Leaf town and the pokemon you can catch and their locations but others include the order you find and do things and the expantion of the Sinnoh Pokedex, inculding being able to record one of the most elusive pokemon of them all. Also once you have obtained the national Pokedex and spoken to Prof Oak in the Pal Park and Eterna City you'll be in for a HUGE suprise

  3.  WOW and I mean WOW


    OMG OMG OMG, only just got a PS3 and this was the 1st game i played and i was impressed, the graphics, the sound, the gameplay. Its smooth, inviting, mind blowing. I cant beleive ive waited this long to get a ps3, its a great console and a fantastic game

  4.  Fun with friends but seriously lacking the WOW factor


    This is a great console to play with friends, many a-nights have been playing to the wee hours of the morning playing wii sports, zelda and super mario galaxy are great games but that is about it. The download content is ok and some good retro games on it but i have just traded in a load of wii games and some other stuff to get a 60gb ps3 and its the best thing in the world, truely next gen. One game for example is star wars the force unleashed, each time you use the force on the storm troopers they react in a different way on the ps3 and xbox 360 but not on the wii. Great console for the younger generation or as a family machine but for hard core gamers like myself its not lived up to it's hype

  5.  Great but some room for improvement


    A great game in its self, excellent game play and you jump straight into the action. Very difficult to start with, you will need to do a lot of random battles to level up very early on its not a game you can just play through as quick as you can like other ff games. The cut sceens in the game are not like the opening credits you see when you 1st turn the game on but they are fully voiced. Much better then expected but still room for improvement in the game, and could use the touch screen a lot more. A must buy for any ff

  6.  Fun but not a classic beat em up


    The game is really easy to play and not difficult to pick up, however i was expecting more of a beat em up like tekan or soul calibur. The side games are fun but leave you no room for error and can be a bit annoying if you have had to do the same one for the 6th time in a row. Not tried the WIFI yet but i expect it will be manic and explosive