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  1.  its ok


    you get what you pay for with this item most music will play on it and all the sounds will come out of it from what i can tell but some of the sounds are so quiet that the songs sound so wrong. if ipod have approved this item then shame on them. that is the only bad point not all music will sound the way it should do even if it does sound the way it should do on your iphone.

  2.  a bit dissapointed


    dont get me wrong this game is nothing short of a miracle. it has good graphics undastandable controles and the rest but blizzad have been just a tad lazy. the units really havnt been changed or "upgraded" alot of this stuff was on the old game but that isnt the dissapointing part because dispite that it makes it easyer to get into so anyone can play it. the dissapointing bit is you dont get to play the zerg or the hybrid in the campain and only get a few missions with the protos which is a bummer and also an open ending what a shocker lol. looks like blizzard is either going to leave us hanging or milk starcraft again. god only knows what they are doing to diablo 3 hasnt he died already? anyway its a good buy but remember it could have an expansion at a later date if not i will not be happy. :)

  3.  one amazing game


    this game is the hardest rpg ive ever played alot of people thought that final fantasy 13 was hard well this is harder and its harder because it takes skill unlike final fantasy 13 where you used auto attack to kill them and u ran out of monsters to kill so u were weak so u had to go back. anyway this game is great for experianced rpg players or people who like a hard game it would be off putting to anyone else thats why i gave it 4 star if there was an easy mode for new people i would have gave it 5 star apart from that its all good hope all that buy it enjoy it as much as i am

  4.  could of done better


    there is alot missing from this game so i am rateing it on being a final fantasy game not an rpg