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  1.  Marvel-lous!


    Captain America was so much better than I imagined, easily one of the best movies this year. I wanted to see this movie because I have never seen anything to do with Captain America and I have to say I loved every minute. Also I wanted to see Chris Evans star in another movie, and he played the part well. There is lots of fighting, explosions and shield action to keep you entertained and the plot keeps you addicted. I must stress also that the ending was brilliant, I`m saying no more as I want you to see it yourself. A must-see. Well done Marvel!

  2.  Call Of Duty: Breathtaking ops!


    This cod is by a mile my favourite. The graphics are great, the storyline is very interesting and very enjoyable. The multiplayer is just spectular for a number of reasons. 1. Level up at your own pace. 2. Create a unique badge for yourself. 3. Not much hacking or lagging. The multiplayer just keeps giving you hours of enjoyment. Also to sweeter the deal Zombies are back! The maps are clever and very good. Best game on 2010, just buy it!

  3.  I`ve left the Midnight Club


    The game is good at first, but it just gets boring and repetitive, and the story is plain. If I were you, I would just rent it.

  4.  Grand Theft Awesome


    This game is just amazing. It has plenty of side missions to keep you busy, but the storyline isn`t fantastic in my opinion but the missions keep the game good. The online is great too, and party mode is funny when you are with your mates. For the money, the value is unbeliveable! Get this game.

  5.  Ready, set, GO!


    This fast and furious may not have the usual cast, but I hasn`t lost its touch, the girls were hot, the cars were brilliant, e.g Mustang, RX7, and the Evo. My favourite thing about the film was the music, I loved almost every song! Great film!

  6.  Fast and I`m Furious


    The lastest installment to the Fast and Furious is average. The problems were 1. Only 1 race! 2. Hardly any car designs. 3. Too much talking. But I really liked the heist scene at the start, it was cool and funny, but overall a dissapointment.

  7.  Epic Games living up to it`s name


    This game is just fanastic! The graphics impressed me, and the co-op seemed to be better. Horde is also a new cool feature. One of my highlights for this game is getting a headshot! It is rewarding to see the enemy head explode, bring on Gears 3!!!

  8.  Spiderman : Web of Pleasure


    This is the only Spiderman game I`ve played, and I think it`s fab.The storyline is good, and all the chapters keep it fresh. The villains are fun to fight, and the free-play (web spinning) around New York is just excellent. Great game.

  9.  Easy 1000G that`s all it is


    This game is awful. The graphics are rubbish, almost all the missions are the same. It has no online play and you should not waste your money on it.

  10.  Put on a seatbelt!


    By far, 2 fast 2 furious is the best in the series, because it has more driving than the other films (I think so) The acting from all the characters was spot on. The cars were amazing e.g the Skyline and Charger, and a great storyline to top all that off! Well worth the watch.