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  1.  Shoddy product, think twice before purchasing.


    This product was not designed well. The print on the shot glasses was very poor quality. Some of the print was already rubbed off when it arrived, some of it rubbed off while playing and most of it rubbed off when I washed it.
    They were also dirty on arrival. There was dirt in some of the glasses, even a bit of soil in one of them and chips on a few of them too.
    The board was also bad, the coloured tiles turn transparent when covered in water which is always a risk with shots spilling. This makes the game very hard to play when you can't see where pieces can and can't move.

    In short this is a badly made product, badly delivered and badly thought out. Please think twice before purchasing this product, even while it's on offer.

  2.  Good present, not much else to it.


    I bought this as a present for a friend who has trouble getting out of bed in the mornings as a night out. For that reason I think it's good but that's it. You're not going to take this as a practical guide admittedly but reading through it I thought it was rubbish. 2 of the pieces of advice repeat themselves so much and a lot of the advice is just variations. The first half of the book isn't even about beating it but not gaining one in the first place.
    In short I'd like to rename the book "How not to get hung over and 10 ways how to maybe beat it, probably not."

  3.  100% what else could I say?


    I'm keeping this short because I just wrote and lost a 3700 word review.
    The game is brilliant. There's plenty of new features which make a whole new game but keeps the general feeling of a Halo game to it which still makes it unique to most first person shooters. The storyline is short but fun and very emotional. Forge ,a map creating mode for those new to Halo, hasn't changed much but how it has changed makes it so much better. Spartan Ops was a mild disappointment because you need Xbox live to play but if you have that it's great. New episodes are bought out monthly I think making it the secondary storyline which never ends. It also bears new features different to the main campaign and connects to your Spartan IV who you play multiplayer with. Multiplayer, now known as Infinity, is brilliant, like everything else it features new changes but still keeps the general Halo feel to the game. Creating and personalising your Spartan IV has taken a whole new step in advancement and even challenges and commendations have changed. Theatre mode still remains too which gives you some fun.
    The limited Edition comes with 3 real extras- some bonus paperwork and a poster which is good if you're a Halo fan and into the lore, the next 3 Wargames DLCs free which saves you as much money as the difference between Limited and Standard Edition, and a code to watch Forward Unto Dawn on Halo Waypoint which I was personally disappointed with expecting a DVD as I can watch it on Youtube if I wanted to.
    In short, get this game. If not this edition then the Standard Edition because it is one of the greatest games of the year and does the Halo franchise proud.

  4.  Brilliant for its worth.


    For anybody who has not purchased Xbox live before please do, it is a wonderful experience and you find nearly all your games open up so much more with hundreds of other features.
    This Xboxlive package is well worth the money as with many hours searching the internet I found nothing cheaper. There are other similar packages that provide you with different gaming bonuses but make sure you buy them similar to this with extra months included free and a few game bonuses included in the price too. And remember, 12 month membership is always cheaper than a series of single month memberships.

  5.  Good but buy cautiously


    The Pokemon games as a whole are brilliant. I would suggest anybody who has played any of the other games get this and anybody who has not buy another Pokemon game such as ones for the Nintendo DS. The gameplay on all Pokemon games is brilliant and unmatched by most.
    The problem is that the Pokemon games released on the Gameboy and Gameboy Advanced are old. The battery that powers the memory in the cartridges are dying. The third generation games like this aren't as old but the batteries are still losing life and as they do your single save file will be periodically deleted and it gets worse over time to the point that you can never save your game again.
    I hope not to put anybody off from buying this product but be warned your experiences may be ruined by this feature. Also note, there are services about that replace the battery making the game fully usable again.

  6.  Good product for a good price


    Exactly what it says on the product information, comfy and stylish.

  7.  Good but something doesn't feel right.


    The last game was an epic which I suggest everybody play whether they play this or not. This seemed to be missing something.
    The equipment list has doubled in size and it's all available at once which might not throw you too much if you've played the last game but this game doesn't even give you a chance to get used to it. The introduction to the story has so many issues. The story line being one of them but the game play is another major part as it's mostly cut scenes with occasional buttons to press. And then after an extremely brief and bad introduction to combat you're left to your devices and wished good luck without explaining most things in game. There are other issues I won't delve into such as the storyline and the areas that are locked for the start of the game and then sealed off to the end of the game giving you an incredibly short time to access them (yes, just like the last game).
    Don't think this is an all bad report. The batman games are very nearly unique and are unmatched (if you haven't played any AC that is). Combat in them is still great as you try to get high combos but all the special moves and quick equipment moves in battle get confusing and you forget nearly all of them. The transport method is still fun to play with and take-downs are still fun to play around with as well. Riddler's trophies come into the game a lot more which is challenging like you wouldn't believe. It's just all round good but please play the first one first to get used to it and once you're used to the bad storyline and other minor flaws it soon becomes worth it.
    Buy it, play it but don't expect miracles.

  8.  Absolutely fantastic. Can't ask for more from a game.


    Despite my friends warnings, this was my first Assassin's Creed game bought and played. I regret it only mildly but the introduction to it was good enough to eventually get the hang of it.
    My friend who has been a big fan of the games from the start has been watching my play and he says the storyline is great on its own and should be bought by any fan, even if they're not the best players.
    I, who knows nothing of the storyline at all, say the gameplay alone is a win. The closest I've come to this style of game play is the Batman: Arkham games and this beats them by far. Everything is just so fluid and in line. There's very few mistakes and those mistakes you make are either easy to correct or you learn from them. I had one or two issues with physics in gameplay such as a suicidal Ezio and thieves who wouldn't perform their job but a second play around or restarting a memory fixed these.
    100%, brilliant, amazing. What more can I say?
    Although, I do recommend buying another Assassin's Creed before this one if it's your first and not Brotherhood either.

  9.  Realistic to the point that it's not.


    The best thing about this game is that it's realistic. But that is also it's biggest flaw.
    You find yourself dead after only one or two shots. You carry around limited supplies and ammunition. Your squad is small and they die. This is how most combat situations are in life and it can be fun at times but is this necessarily what you want in a game.
    I'm one for these kind of games (or any FPS) but this takes it too far. You go in all guns blazing, you're dead in seconds. You go in slow and strategic, you will die just slower and without realising it. You find yourself on one of the easiest missions in the world, on the easiest setting and within moments you're stuck. I gave it chance, I changed my tactics. I've done everything apart from use a guide.

    All I can really say about this game is it is very flawed and it has to take a VERY special kind of person to play, complete and enjoy it.
    I'm not saying don't purchase this, I'm saying good luck to all those that do!

  10.  Brilliant little product.


    A great investment if you're looking for a new iPod docking station. Sound quality is great and volume has a decent range. The remote actually works (a quality I find isn't true with a lot of docking stations). The docking station itself is also very durable, a good design and just works all round.
    My best buy of the year so far.