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  1.  The "Boringness" before the action.


    Being a really big Potter fan I enjoyed this film. I can see where the bad reviews are coming from as to being boring but its just the build up to the last two films. Its quite deep and dark but its funny, action packed and an important film before the last two. Even though its not out yet I would advise AGAINST watching the last two before this one. More romance and comedy than number 5. However some important bits were missed out to put in some unimportant bits but overall a good film.

  2.  Pretty Good.


    This game is good. You can play as literally any nation in the world be it the usa, britain, china, or the democratic republic of congo. You decide. It can run a bit slowly sometimes though because your waiting...and waiting...and waiting for that stupid coal mine to complete. But anyway you can speed up gameplay. Manage social spending, even change russia to a democracy its all up to you. A very good game if you like strategy and want to change a country get this game. P.s. Russia is the easiest for beginners.

  3.  Quite good


    This game is quite good my friend first introduced me to it and from that moment on I wanted it. And eventually I got it. On this game you basically care for dogs. And funnily enough I find that you do get quite friendly to them especially as when you train them you actually talk to them and use your stylus as if its your hand. The 'Bark Mode' is excellent. If you have a friend over who has the game then you can connect and share gifts that you have found on walks. Then afterwards if they have a different version of nintendogs then you get their dog version.

  4.  He doesnt half like his girls


    An absolute improvement on the actual film (i cannot emphasise that enough) of die another day. While before bond used a micro explosive to blow someones rear to pieces now bond is more likely to swing down from a balcony and kick the villains head so hard it rolls into the sea. Believe me there isn't any decapitating in James Bond's...yet. Great fights, action packed, car chases, diseased villain and an absolutely top of the mark theme tune (You Know My Name) try searching it on youtube. Best Bond Ever!!

  5.  What happened to S.P.E.W!!!!!!!!!!


    This is a good film BUT it could have been so much better. The director must have a tool i call 'The Director's Snip' its where he can't stop cutting things out of the book! But everything else is better on the last ones but a reminder to all who have reviewed this product and all other people who read my review: They change the director every film.

  6.  Addictive!


    This is very entertaining fight aboard ships engage in fierce naval battles and choose your country if you live in western europe you can choose your own country! Very Good indeed!

  7.  Repetitive ratings!


    I have now rated 3 Doctor Who finale's and guess what? I have all had to give them 5 stars. This one I should have been able to give 27,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars (twenty seven thousand billion stars) It was brilliant! There was action from start to finish. And also who said Rose wasn't going to return! And I also like the bit where all the companions were together but it was heartbreaking to watch all of them suddenly go.

  8.  5,000,000 Cybermen vs. 4 Daleks


    Now that is true who do you think is going to win because I can tell you they aren't going to be friends even though the Cybermen want it to be that way. Its an excellent finale but I do think Fear Her could have been better but my 5 stars is because they are so excellent. Compared to Fear Her these two last episodes of the second series top off the series. As you go through this series from the start more and more evidence shows that there is going to be a massive war until Fear Her when you know it is going to happen. The 5 stars rates the DVD. But here is my star rating for the whole series:
    *****! (p.s. not a swear word)

  9.  Daleks! Emperors! Awesome!


    This is the finale of Series 1. The climax of the invasion is very well engineered as you almost feel you are there. The music matches the moment the daleks surround The Game Station and generally throughout the whole DVD matches it down to the ground. Boom Town is quite good as well but not as good. I bought this DVD just for the finale to be honest. Bril man Bril!

  10.  Fantastic!


    This game is the answer to the limited activities you can do in this stupid rain. I got back home with this late last night but I begged my parents to install it at least. (we had bought it quite a way away) But I was very sneaky and I was supposedly 'making sure it worked' the trouble is. It took me about half an hour to have the courage to click 'exit game'. What makes this game so good is well for a start the graphics are awesome. When the people walk their hair moves. And don't get me started about the gameplay...Well actually I cannot not tell you about the gameplay because that is what gives it the 5 star. Depending on how you talk with people and what actions you take. You are aligned with either The Dark Side of the Force or The Light Side of the Force which effects your body posture and facial expression. The developers have looked at everything Star Wars and said "How do we make this realistic" and they have succeeded in doing that. The developers have also been creative about what items there are and what you can do with them. E.g. You can change just about everything with a Lightsaber including the colour!! The combat system was a dodle to just click what attacks you want to do unpause the game and the character runs over to the selected enemy (if their weapon is melee or lightsaber) or even if they have a blaster just shoot. And if you have no idea what you want to call your character but want a Star Warsey name then just click random name then customize every aspect of your character. Truly a piece of genius, a fantastic piece of work and any Star Wars fan who wants this should definitely get it!