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  1.  Fun fighting game but dont pay to much for it


    Ok this isnt the best fighting game in the world but its not the worst.

    Ok graphics
    Includes Trophies
    Has online multiplayer

    Not many people online

    If i get the chance I will make a better review but in short buy it :D

  2.  Love the game, And so does my cousin


    Quite a fun game and a great price point,
    The graphics are very colorful in this game which brought my mates Iphone version to shame.
    My cousin (Girl 13) always wants to snatch this game off me which makes me laugh.
    There are many minigames included in this game.
    There Is trophy support.

    Buy it while its cheap :D

  3.  Great game, just hold off if you bought the previous title


    Its a great Fifa game, just dont look at the bad reviews to put you off buying it, the only reason for the low reviews is due to EA not changing the game much from the previous FIFA PS Vita title.

    So if your into fifa and didnt buy the older copy, then buy this

  4.  Great game, very unique


    At first I wasn't really into this game as there is no speech in this game only text, And the fact there is no video cut scenes only a 3D comic strip made me think about my purchase.
    But that changed as I continued into it as the city with different districts looks amazing with loads of collectibles and races etc.
    You tend to bond with the character very well as shes a nobody at the start who gradually turns out over the course of the game to be a kind of angel/hero.

    My only complaint about this game after finishing it is the camera/combat can be sometimes annoying but I guess once you buy powerups it will give you greater control over the player so I could be wrong.

    So in short a great game, you just need to get into it to be impressed. Which no doubt you will

  5.  Great Game, Especially the graphics


    Considering this game is around a fiver you would expect it to be rubbish, but infact its a great tennis game, the graphics for a start are really impressive for a handheld. Also there are many different game modes to chose from that help if you get bored of just normal tennis.

    So hurry up and buy if you like these types of games

  6.  Great Uncharted Game as always


    Has got to say this is one of the best graphics if not the best I have seen on a console ever.