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    The good
    The attention to detail on this shooter is amazing! If you just stop for a minute in a room and see how things react when you shoot them... Gas canisters leak.. Chairs stuffing flies out.. Buckets dent etc etc! The only thing is that you don't notice it so much while you are actually playing as the pace is so manic!

    The ai is incredible too... Nowhere else have enemies been quite as switched on! They do act intelligently and that is a first!

    The graphics are amazing and the presentation is generally good.

    The bad

    I think as someone else has already said, the characters aren't particularly likable! Their dialogue is limited and rather irritating! The story also is fairly linear in comparison to cod4! Te loading slow downs do get on your nerves a bit too!

    The ugly

    Online things get ugly... But thats a good thing! I think this could be a refreshing change to cod! Especially when people have been playing for a while and we get more of the ranks involved in the game!

    This is a good shooter and definitely worth the money but don't expect it to be as involving as cod4, unless you want to be a gung ho american with limited speach capabilities!

  2.  Worth Every Penny!!!


    I played the demo of this game when it first came out and read some of the reviews and based on that decided not to buy it! However since the price has gone ridiculously cheap, I thought I would give it a go...

    ... and I'm glad I did because it really is a decent game. It is a story driven game and there has been a lot of effort put into the non playable parts. This interlinks the game play well... which for the most part is very good. You do have to think around the combat problems, which to be honest isn't brain surgery but you do have to make sure you protect your men as well as yourself otherwise you will be lonely at the front.

    The game does have it's issues i.e. slow down, jittery graphics, clipping issues etc... but nothing that if you turn a blind eye wont ruin the game. For the price it is the best value game on the market and is more interesting than Rainbow Six Vegas. Go buy it!

  3.  A game of 3 halves!


    Ok quite simply this game breaks down into 3 parts, and you have to compare it to COD4 as that is its market!

    Story - The story mode is not as good as COD4, you can tell that this game has been built on that success and somehow copies it, but you won't sit there in awe of the game as you did before. The game seems a bit more linear with the respawning enemies being a little more obvious. If you walk down an alley where all the enemies are coming from you will most likely find a brick wall! However the hidden enemies and the flame thrower make up for the shortfalls in the story. I think its a shame that they went back and used some of the graphical elements that we previously saw in COD3. And to be honest you need to set the difficulty to high because it seems very easy!

    Co-op - This is the single player missions all over again, but I have to say I love it. You either play in competition with the other 3 team mates or you work together. This definitely adds something to the game and makes it a new playing experience.

    Multiplayer - This is where the game really excels, This is better than COD4 or maybe I am just bored of playing those maps for a year! This really is much of the same but improved with more options. The dogs are better than the helicopter as a 7 streak bonus as when you kill a dog you get some points for it at least.

    Overall this is a great game and I know I will be playing multiplayer on it until the next one comes out, so buy with confidence!

  4.  Far Cry... Far from Perfect


    I have been watching this title for months on previews and reviews and a bit like Assassins Creed I can't help feel a bit disappointed! The graphics are ok and the game play is reasonable but progression in the game is a problem! If you are the sort of player who bought GTA4 to roam around and not progress the story then this may be for you! but be warned if you are like me you may get a bit lost and therefore not enjoy this as much as you should! The problem is this... you start off with malaria and have to get tablets.. you have to make contacts and achieve missions... but all I seem to do is fight off random people who are shooting at me for driving near there huts... enemies are everywhere! literally! you spend the whole time being shot at! This makes the storyline (if there is one) very slow and therefore not involving at all! Its not all bad the fire effects are great and some of the AI is great... but im sure this will be back in the cupboard as soon as something better comes along! Fingers crossed for QOS, Fallout 3, Resistance 2 and COD5! eh!!

  5.  Good ... but just and extension of the original!


    Don't worry if you have already pre-ordered this then you wont be disappointed it really is very similar to the first one! graphics are improved, AI is improved... they throw grenades at you now! and it is generally as good as the first one! BUT if you thought this was going to be a COD4 beater like me, then we were sadly wrong! The tactical elements are good... but the lack of cut scenes and story driven experience leave the game lacking somehow! Also I tried last night to get onto mutiplayer and was really upset to see masses of lists of games like you would find on warhawk! and I couldn't get onto any of them... lots of server full messages! It won't put you off buying it and nor should it! but don't have expectations to high! after 2 hours playing it I thought about sticking COD4 back in... for a bit of proper multiplayer action!

  6.  U cant go backwards!!!


    When Rainbow6 was fresh I played it continously! It had a great multiplayer game! met lots of friends on there! The other day I had enough of load times on COD4, so I put Rainbow Six in! Its like playing a game wth an eyesight defect! In comparison to COD4 the graphics are very blurry! Its great if you haven't played next gen graphics.. but if you have, this game has had its time! rainbow six 2 will be out shortly... its cut price for a reason! you have been warned!

  7.  This Game is the Next Gen Treasure


    I have now completed the game and have to say it is one the best games ever created. The graphics are absolutely incredible, some of the affects Mad Dog have created are amazing, especially the water in the game! The game is good because the story is so strong and the characters and voice acting are top notch. You wont be bored either (unlike creed) because the gameplay varies a lot between levels. Put it this way its the first time i have jetskied up some rapids trying to fire a gun at the same time! Dont hesitate... this is not tomb raider... this is something completely new! This game is next gen and what we have all been waiting for.

  8.  not as good as we expected


    I think some of the other have summed it up! I have been watching the trailers for this game for months and basically it is not as good as I hoped. It is a thing of beauty there is no doubt! But the game play is not as involving as you would hope! Your character does most of the fighting and climbing with the push of one button! The storyline drags on a bit and I keep going in the kitchen during the cut scenes to make a coffee! Don't get me wrong the animation in this game is awesome and its worth playing. But it is like watching a movie with lots of continuity errors in. The fact you can duck your head to hide from your enemies can be a bit laughable sometimes.



    ignore the people who say this game is too short, they obviously haven't played it online! the attention to every detail in this shooter is first class! if it doesn't amaze you then i will be very surprised! I can put rainbow six in the cupboard for at last there is something more exciting to play online! buy it now!

  10.  should be left in the dark


    I dont usually write reviews but this film has inspired me! Believe me think twice about renting it and certainly don't buy it! it is the worst film ever! confusing! No strong storyline ! and any time there are effects they make the whole thing blurry! very surprised danny boyle directed it! Must have been having a bad week! You have been warned! light a match it will be more entertaining!