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  1.  5 Star Campaign 0 For multiplayer


    This game is amazing for Single player and Coop!
    But UbiSoft have Left them selves down, The multiplayer is terrible, its because on Player hosting and Xbox like match making.. You have to reconnect 30 times to find 1 working game.

    This game on PC for Multiplayer will Die rapidly and will not have players by the end of the month. It's sad, but that's how PC games are.

  2.  Buy Second hand?


    This game cannot be brought Second hand / Used, One key One Account. Used keys cannot be used twice on two individual accounts and keys are unrecoverable once used.

  3.  its a kind of a zapper...


    its the same feel the same lengh and in the same place. the Wii Zapper is more firm, and better connection but it dose the same job..

  4.  w00t?


    If your LOOKING! for a Flashy Calculator! This is the Phone for you. other then that its Ever so Basic. Think of the old Blick like Nokias, and Increase the Letter Size.. And make it smaller then put a new case on it.... and thats what it basicly is.

    For an Adult this Phone Just wont do.
    I would recommend this Phone for Parents Who want to be able to contact there kids, and not worry about the phone being nicked...

  5. Top Gun

    Top Gun


    2 New from  £4.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.73

     1 Star? More like NO Star!


    This game.. Tried and Failed.
    The Low Price bearly makes up for it.
    Top Gun? This is one of them Low Budget Game with a Name we all know.

  6.  MOH... Die already.......


    This game is bad, i mean its like what? the 6th in the series now? the game content hasn't been updated at all the graphics have been minorly updated. this is 2007 going on 8 and there still not using Hi-Def grphics. we got your x2800 AIT coming out and your GF8900s to come and with this shody game. its kind of a insalt.

  7.  Cheap as...


    If this game wasn't so cheap i would of never brought it.
    I never buy games based on In game Video content.
    If a game developer can not create a Trailer with Game Play Centent i normaly assume its not my type of thing, or it must be pretty awful..

  8.  Friendly Note.


    You cannot buy this game used! unless stated it inclueds Character Content IDs and Play Online Login details.

    I'v had this game over 4 years. imported from the US when it first came out, but iv never been able to bring myself to quit.

    If your a WoW Fan THIS IS NOT YOUR GAME. this game takes forever to level up, and thats because people play easier games like wow and don't like the slow EXP system.
    But with my characters i have a sence of Progression and Statisfaction. Where as my WoW characters just feel so Long and Streched.

  9.  Samish!


    I have a game called "Secret Weapons over Normandy"
    This looks like that, but this has Multiplayer and Split screen.
    graphics are basicly the same.

  10.  Game of Love... Not ! Speed and Weapon of Power!


    I seriously dont recommend any one buying this with onboard Sound (lower then Nforce 5) or Ram lower then 2GB. As the same for BF2 extreme stuttering a causes.
    It runs with 1GB and a 6800 but its just not the same game with low spec. not that i have a 6800 (7950 GTX,x2) but my local lan center dose.