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  1.  Makes u into a reading magnet!!


    Mike Flynn shouldn't be alive today! He takes risks that a lesser man would think twice about is he mad or does he like being shot at? This is a book that you just cant put down and you get to points in the book that you just cant believe and it makes you read on. Its one of them books were you take a glancing look at the clock and its 3am and you have work in the morning but you still need to read on as he has incoming RPG!

  2.  Something a little different


    I was after a sleeve that would would stand out in the office but make my laptop go un noticed when I'm out and about and this does the trick. It's splash proof and fun!

  3.  A solid case for an expensive phone


    You are probably saying its a lot of money for mobile phone case but put it this way if you have a laptop did you buy a bag costing thirty pounds to keep it safe? Its the Durex of cases keeping you safe when u need it. The yellow stands out and make it look like its ready for anything. The case comes with a belt pouch which is a waste of space as your phone will fall out every time so thats why its lost a star.

  4.  A Name you can trust?


    Swissgear products come with a lifetime warranty and this was a major selling point to me and why I give this product 5* is I had the bag replaced under this warranty with Swissgear and they were faultless. The mouse is an added bonus and looks spot on. The laptop I use is a 15.6".

  5.  Don't understand the low rating?


    I needed a clock for the bedroom that I could see with ease and with a night light. I have it running from batteries and when you press the top the coloured light will come on (different one each hour which is fun) the light will switch off after 60 second so it doesn't run your batteries down. The display is very clear and looks good on the side of the bed. I don't understand why people are giving this item poor rating for £7.99 it's a bargain!

  6.  If you need a Bluetooth headset then take a look


    For under a £10 you get the headset, home charger, in-car charger, mobile phone holder so you can tell you are getting true value. I use this every day for around 3 hours per day with no problems.

  7.  World Smallest flash drive.


    I purchased this flash drive after seeing it reviewed on The Gadget Show (Ch5). It's currently the smallest in the world and being waterproof is a added bonus. 4GB in something no bigger than a ten pence piece is amazing and if you are like me and love to have the latest gadget then this is a must.

  8.  Missing an online option


    An excellent well put together game but in this day and age you expect an online gaming as standard so when it missing it makes you feel a little disappointed but still a sound purchase.

  9.  ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz


    If your having trouble sleeping then purchase this game it should send you to z land in around 20 min. Excellent graphics but it takes more than that to produce an interesting driving experience.

  10.  If Carlsberg made games this would be it!


    I truly excellent masterpiece that sets the standard for online gaming on the PS3. After you have played the online option you will see were your hard earned cash has been spent and with this edition you receive the £6.99 map pack so as they say happy days:-)