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  1.  Paradise Gone Bad...


    Three couples are in the frame but which one is to blame?

    "A Perfect Getaway" soon turns into a nightmare come true in this slick, action-packed thriller. This film will certainly keep you on your toes. Few films have such beautiful locations set as backdrops, and you almost feel like the location of the film becomes a character within it.

    Acted superbly with great plot twists, this film is one that isn't to be missed.

    Also, the reveal of who the killer is, is extremely exciting!

  2.  Sandler And Aniston: Match Made In Heaven


    Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are two of my favourite actors, so when I heard they were together in this film, I couldn't wait to see it. And it didn't disappoint.

    Some hilarious scenes, and not necessarily from Sandler and Aniston. Nicole Kidman is funny as the high-school "frenemy" of Aniston's character and who can forget Brooklyn Decker's appearance in THAT bikini?!

    Probably Sandler's best film after The Wedding Singer, and one that will leave you very satisfied.

  3.  A Guy Gets Into A Taxi, Then Guess What Happens...


    Possibly Tom Cruise's finest performance yet, Collateral blends high-octane thrills with slick dialogue and flash kills.

    A genuine, down-to-Earth taxi driver picks up a passenger he will never forget. Asked to parade him around the town at five different locations, Jamie Foxx (who plays Max), reluctantly agrees. He soon realises that was the biggest mistake of his life though.

    Many shoot-outs later and Foxx is still no closer to making it out alive. The fast, caluculating and cool Cruise keeps Foxx calm as he speeds his way through his night of executions. But can he keep him quiet for long enough?

    Brilliantly acted, with a twist you won't see coming towards the end, "Collateral" is a film that will keep you from taking up a career in taxi driving for good.

  4.  Narnia Has Never Been So Good...


    After saying farewell to Susan and Peter in the last installment, I was apprehensive at watching this. But even with the loss of Susan and Peter, the film doesn't let that affect it.

    This time around, Lucy, Edmund and cousin Eustace are transported to Narnia through a mystical painting. Scenes of hilarity ensue with Eustace not believing that Narnia exists, even when he is in the middle of the sea.

    After being rescued by King Caspian they board the Dawn Treader and their mission begins. This time around they have to defeat the evil mist before Narnia becomes a lost cause forever.

    There are some really enjoyable scenes including a fight scene between Eustace and the noble Reepicheep. And seeing everyone battling for peace in Narnia is another treat to watch.

    The ending is really emotional and everyone comes face to face with Aslan's country, although only some enter.

    A really great visual treat once more and the best Narnia film to date.

  5.  A Darker Narnia Yet Still Amazing...


    After watching the first film I was dying to see the second installment and it didn't disappoint.

    After spending one year away from Narnia, the four siblings return having found that a thousand years have passed by in Narnian time. After adjusting to the darker and moodier Narnia, they are enthrusted straight back into battle to try and help Prince Caspian become King by overthrowing the vicious current ruler.

    Yet more stunning visual effects are present and with the soundtrack and final fight for freedom here too, the second installment of the Narnia series is not one to be missed.

  6.  A Really Enjoyable Film For All Ages...


    Having never read the book, I watched this film with no knowledge of anything Narnian. Having watched the film though, I know all there is to know.

    Four children stumble across a magical land called Narnia at the back of a wardrobe. When they get there, they find themselves having to fight and protect Narnia from the White Witch. Edmund (the youngest boy) falls for the White Witch's charms and gets captured. Trapped, he has to get rescued by his three other siblings.

    After rescuing Edmund, the four children have to escape the chasing White Wtich, with the help of two friendly beavers (who are so cute by the way). After stumbling across Aslan, the almighty Lion, they engage in a huge duel between good and evil to save Narnia.

    The visual effects are genius and the story is totally captivating. A really enjoyable film and one that is watchable again and again.

  7.  Brilliant And Complete Revenge Thriller...


    This film hits you hard straight out of the blocks and it shows how good Mel Gibson is as an actor.

    After watching his daughter murdered infront of his eyes, he goes on a one-man assault, desperately trying to track down his daughter's killer. It is very gritty and is set amidst a very grey and bleak city of Boston (which I think adds to the loneliness of Gibson's character).

    Ray Winstone plays a great, yet confusing, role as a shady agent and you never really know whose side he is on. Edge Of Darkness is a stripped-back and raw thriller made for the art of revenge.

  8.  A Thoroughly Stylish And Incredible Movie


    Not many films leave me speechless but this one did. Set against a beautiful scandanavian back-drop, this film follows a highly trained young assassin out for justice against the woman who killed her mother.

    Trained by her ex-CIA father, she sets out across Europe to track down and kill her prey. The music score in this film takes it to another level and it never stops accelerating at you. There are some mind-blowing scenes including Hanna escaping the clutches of the CIA and setting herself free.

    Saoirse Ronan plays the title character superbly well and makes sure the film is about her. The plot is unbelievably believable and will keep you guessing, even after the twist towards the end.

  9.  A Timeless Classic


    No matter how many times you watch this film it will leave you astonished. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore make a fantastic on-screen couple in this film about a down-on-his luck wedding singer.

    Sandler portrays the heartbroken character very well, but he also manages to make the funny scenes hilarious. Drew Barrymore is great as the waitress longing for more from life and when she finds it it is great to watch. If you love rom-coms then this will be near the top of your list for a long time after you've seen it.