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  1.  master class


    I agree completely ,one of the best albums i heard all year .the songs grow on you with each listen mellencamp,s lyrics reach way down into a sould that dwells in a dark place ..i think you have an artist at the peak of an already amazing career .this may be his finest work yet..order it today

  2.  great few hours entertainment


    Watched this last night and really enjoyed it,sure it was darker than the first and could draw comparisons to lord of the rings but hey thats a compliment,this gets 5 out 5 for pure family viewing

  3.  hardcore tv


    Recently started watching this after hearing so much hype ,well for once the hype may have been even under rated this is superb tv ,which just gets better and better the characters mature with each episode.treat yourself if not already a fan you soon will be. After years of all kinds of csi and the rest its so great to see a real show .

  4.  so cool it melts


    coolest movie in a long time ,great cast,sharpe lines,witty,well written ,stylist as hell,just a gem ..all i can say is watch this then watch it again as once is not enough

  5.  masterpiece of cinema


    also one of my top five all time movies if not top three this 1993 semi-biographical film directed by Steven Spielbergand shot perfectly in black and white, tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman and member of the nazi party who despite his somewhat moral imperfections saved the lives of over one thousand Jewish workers during the Holocaust. It was based on the book Schindler's Ark by Thomas Keneally, and starred Liam Neeson as Oscar Schindler, Ben Kingsley as Schindler's accountant Itzhak Stern,and Ralph Fiennes as the evil ss officer Amon Göth, it and won seven Academy Awards,
    including Best Picture, Best Director,Cinematography, and Best Score. but should have won some best actor awards as well Neeson was nominated for best actor but lost out to Tom Hanks in philadelpia,and Fiennes nominated for best suporting actor lost out to Tommy lee Jones in the fugitive ..you decide ?
    So touched was i by this film that i have visited Krakow in Poland ,viewed the remains of the film set of the Plaszow camp,toured whats left of Schlinders factory got my photo taken on the stairs and visited the old jewish ghetto , took a heart breaking trip to auschwitz and then watched the movie several other times the story never fails to make me ask just how this could have happened ?The movie is full of emotion yet finds lighter moments admist the hearkbreak and trauma,love and hope amongst the death and dispare in a place in time where been on the list ment the possible difference between life and death Neesons scene near the end is so emotional its cinema at its most powerful.

  6.  pretty average affair


    this movie even aimed at kids was void of any substance to go with the plot it was a bit all over the place with too much happening and the smallest of explainations i can imagine as a book it was an excellent kids adventure but honestly this was a movie possibly that should have had a bigger budget bigger stars or just better screen writing .but without its missing ingredients it became average, but this really could have been a franchise opportunity that would have had a larger appeal

  7.  plesent movie


    this is one of these movies that fall into a place where movies are cute but not classic, its a warm cute story with a very solid performance for scarlett johansson while Laura Linney plays a similiar role to merly streaps superficial wealthy character in devil wears prada , Paul Giamatti is pretty average and under used .but to me this movie tries to address more heavy social issues in a very light mannered unconvincing way and in this it loses its way,it could have been either more feelgood or more drama in a way in kinda just stayed middle of the road ,and with such a strong cast (also chris evens and alica keys) giving better direction this movie had the potential to have been so much more .still worth a watch three stars might be a bit harsh but for me its just short of four stars

  8.  Clear eyes, full hearts cant lose


    This has got to be one of americias best inaugural seasons a series has had in a long time .If you like me are only mildly interested in American Football do not be put off.this is a drama based around a high school football team in a small town in texas its players and coaches, friends and family, ,it potrays their pains and joys, highs and lows. romances, feuds, scandals, crimes, betrayals, fights,career ending injury, lawsuits,and even politics.as they struggle thru life and deal with been local calebrities, small town america does not hold the brighest of futures unless football offers them a way out.
    the characters are diverse but played with am honesty rearly seen on t.v at times it appears almost documentry like. check this out you will not regret the investment.

  9.  running to a second chance


    really enjoyed this simon pegg performance not as funny as shaun of the dead or hot fuzz .this has more a drama and american rom-com feel to it ,as maybe to be expected as its directed by friends star david schwimmer in his first outing as a full lengh feature director.getting cold feet before walking up the alter denis doyle (pegg) legs it leaving his pregnant bride libby(thandie newton) to be stranded .fast forward 5 years and doyle now an over weight store security guard and a pretty hopeless dad.fears the worst as his ex lovers new man (hank azaria)arrives on the scene making doyle step up to his failings in life my running a marathon ,everyone expects him to fail as he has never finnished anything he set out to do in life.his only allies are his best mate gordan superbly played by irish comedian dylan moran and his neighbour mr goshdashtider (harish petal) will doyle hit the wall and fail or will love win the day ?..er perhaps predictable but lots of laughs and smiles along the way

  10.  worth a watch(with kids only)


    Very run of the mill effort but worth a watch with kids,the movie contains a pretty predictable plot with enough slightly funny and family moments to be just about enjoyable, but as a surposed sequal to daddy day care,it is to be honest a rather poor effort with almost the complete original cast not appearing here,which kinda tells its own story.this movie i think is fred savage from the wonder years directorial debut and maybe as a first effort we can forgive him to some degreefor sticking to humour based on breaking wind ,puking,and nasty exploding toliets. but how oscar winning cuba gooding jr signed up for this is a puzzle