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  1.  HTC wildfire Review


    Phone arrived a little late due to the one I ordered not passing the delivery inspection, but a replacement was sent out a day or so later so all in all good service from them.

    As for the phone, well the instructions were in French, but honestly, two seconds on Google and you can download the English PDF version of the user manual, so no worries there.

    About the phone. I researched a fair bit before buying a Wildfire S and I read a fair few comments that stated that the battery is terrible, only lasting a day tops. The Sim Fee option doesnt work with EU Sim cards. But the winner whine was the phone is slow responding, apps running slow etc. Well, its a phone, not a quad core Pentium.

    So on that note here is my feedback after using the phone. I travel a lot in the EU and have sims for Germany (Vodafone) and for France (again Vodafone). Both sims work fine in this phone so Im not too sure what people are on about unless they are using a different service provider and having troubles there.

    The battery I find is very good. If you hammer the hell out of it, then yes it will go flat in a day. But you have to be using the phone like a laptop, that is, wifi on, gps on, writing emails, txts playing about with apps etc. Well, Ok, most laptops I use only last about 3-4 hours under that kind of use, so having a days worth out of a phone isnt really that bad is it? On the flip side, Ive turned off the wifi, gps etc and just used it like phone. That is, one or two txts a day, probably about 15mins worth a calls a day, the odd picture for work (no way around that) and Ive gotten 4 days worth out of the battery.

    I find the phone very quick to respond, there is hardly and delay between selecting a function and it being executed. Id say it was on par with the iPhone and other high end smartphones. That being said, Im not one for playing games or using many of the apps you can install so I can really give any feedback in those areas.

    One last whine I was reading a lot of was the lack of internal memory, well a 16Gb SD card sorted that out. And yes you can install apps to the SD card rather then to the phones memory. I cant quite see as to what people were moaning about regarding the lack on internal memory.

    An excellent phone, highly recommend it.

    PS sorry about the grammar, the review input box wont allow apostrophes in text.