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  1.  Same Old Same Old


    I persoanlly think this book was knocked out jut to make a few more quid on the Robert Langdon character (obviously a film is coming). Yes its a half decent book, but it feel the same as da vinci code. the twist is good and you dont see coming, but then it just ends and then he waffles on about nothing for another 100 pages! I wouldnt reccomend this one but worth a read are deception Poit and most definately Digital Fortress, which i feel is the nest out the lot.



    I'm going to keep this short. yes its a good game with Arkham City looking awesome, bu thats about it. i think the game makers spent so much time on the city and the actual game was an after thought.

    the main story is so short, takes only a few hours to get through and is such an anti climax at the end. yes there are side missions and loads of riddles and riddler trophies etc, and catwoman (which you only play for a little bit so hardly worth it!), but it felt like such a let down when you complete the game.

    it could have been so much better, bigger, and longer...roll on the next batman...maybe



    Black Ops's is an awesome addition to the COD franchise. Granted it started off bad with the servers etc, yes it was frustrating but it got fixed pretty sharpish, and now its a top notch game!.

    I'll hold my hands up and admit that when i first played online i didnt like it, only becuase i was still into MW2. i thought the sounds wernt as realistic as MW2 and it basically wasnt as good. but i stuck with it and i'm glad i did. everything is set out so much better, the COD points, only buying the perks and attahcments you want for your guns, instead of waiting to rank up, or get so many kills to unlock the attahcments in MW2.

    i actually went back on MW2 to see wht it was like to compare and i turned it off staright away as Black Op's is a more classy game.

    and the kicker, THE CAMPAIGN!! OMFG it had me gripped from start to finish! flying helicopters, jumping off cliffs (nice little touch), the story is quality and when it comes together at the end it like, no way!

    this game gets 5 starts all the way becuase its a masterpiece! brilliant! personally i'm bored of fps now so if this was my last purchase of one i'm bvery happy indeed,. buy it now, you WONT be sorry.