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  1.  BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!


    I bought this more for my 4yr old son who is super hero crazy lol. He absolutely loves the game, he has finished the story line, so now he just plays to get the rest of the characters and other features.

    Never had any problems with the game, no freezes and no crashes, this has worked perfectly every time its played, and still has many hours of fun left in it.

    Highly recommend this to everyone as it suits all lol.

  2.  BUY IT!!!


    Fantastic bit of kit, i have got 2 of these so far, will buy a 3rd very shortly. I have had the same 2 now for about 3 years or more and have had no problems with them at all.

    I would highly recommend this for a household, they are easily operated by children of around 5 years upwards as my daughter has 1 in her room. A good price and very reliable, and i would say it is definitely one of the best movie file players on the market still today.

    Highly recommended ;-)

  3.  Great Case


    Awsome, ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday, fast delivery.
    Case is a perfect moulded fit, bit snug to get phone into it but once in everything lines up to all the holes and buttons with no obstructions to any vital parts, has rough sides for good grip so it does not slip out of ya hand.
    Highly reckomended. Comes with screen protector which went in the bin lol.

  4.  not a bad improvement


    a good improvement on MW2 with the way the weaopns work in NONE hardcore modes, all weapons have a 3 shot kill minimum when not in hardcore and the point and cod csah system is an excellent idea and allows u to get what u want when u want it.

    The only problem i have found with black ops is the same as MW2 which is the SERVER issues, very hard to stay in a game to the end sometimes as the servers are not always great with host migrations and random dissconnects lol, never heard of the game freezing or crashing the ps3 like the last reviewer commented, just network issues, thats why only 4 stars,
    over all a great new addition to the cod world, but really should have just brought out an addon to mw2 lol.

  5. MAG



    4 New from  £7.03  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74



    It is like playing Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Back in the day lol, healing and reviving ya m8's etc, i only give it 4 stars as there can be a long wait to get into a game and also found hat it can crash on occasion, they are always updating the game to make it better and all the updates so far have DRASTICALY IMPROVED an already great game.
    A must for all those OLD SCHOOL die hard delta fans from the pc gaming days.

  6.  WOW, how BAD is THIS lol


    For a start THIS GUY AINT Freddy Krueger lol, Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger and thats it lol, the new guy and new make up just do not cut it even close, the original nightmare's it looks like CANNOT be remade better than they already are lol, this new one i do not class as a horror, just another rubbish slash type joke.
    Don't waste ya money on this just get the originals in BR.

  7.  awsome


    excellent game, respnds very well to voice commands over headset, a great way to play an RTS if u cannot be bothered to use a controller althought u do need it to do certain things but the whole thing can b played via voice command, great game, now ruse is out I will put this aside lol.

  8.  just 4


    I am giving it 4 stars as i have found it a little uncomfortable to use as it just hangs of my ear rather than sits in it, they should have sponge or something to mould it into the ear, other than that it is a great piece of kit.

  9.  Great cheap bit of kit


    This is more ideal for anyone who cannot fit a cooling pad into there laptop bag, I have this layed across the top of my laptop in the bag and takes up hardly any room, it lifts the laptop nicely for air to get through helping to kool the laptop and the icicles work well enough to filter nay or all your wires through it. I have had a few people think it is a great piece of kit and wanting 1. Great piece of kit, cheap and small.

  10.  Awsome bag


    The quality of the bag is amazing, the blue section is infact blue but who cares lol, looks good, plenty of room for all essential kit. I also have the rucksack varient for another larger laptop and the construction for both are great, no complaints at all, defo a high quality make. Worth every penny.