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  1.  Great Game - but not perfect....


    First things first - everyone with a PS3 should buy this game. The graphics are unbelievable and the face recognition, motion capturing and voice acting are excellent! I personally really enjoyed solving the cases, especially the ones nearing the end where you take charge of Kelso.

    Also - really good if you're a trophy collector too - lots of stuff to keep you occupied when you have completed the storyline. I don't think this game is a keeper though, once I have 100% the game I will be trading it in.

    I would have really enjoyed some kind of multiplayer mode with the game, then maybe it would have got 5* from me.

  2.  Assassin's Creed 2.5


    It is Assassin's Creed 2 continued - but that's brilliant because that game was pure class! The story kicks of from where the previous game left off and you get straight back into things. I played the game for 8 hours yesterday - I have never been that sad before so the game must be good! There is sooo much to do, you get sidetracked easily!


  3.  Important!.....


    When I first put this 'cassette' in the car and connected it to my I-pod, I was very upset with the terrible quality of sound etc... But then I realised something very important.....

    If you want this to work well and produce good sound quality then you have to TURN THE VOLUME ON YOUR IPOD DOWN LOW AND TURN YOUR CAR STEREO VOLUME UP!

    If you don't do this it won't work properly!

    Hope this helps!

  4.  Oh Dear...


    This game really is a let down. The graphics are brilliant but that really is not enough for it to be a 'good game'. It starts off ok and you will enjoy the first hour or so of gameplay but it is incredibley repetitive and the missions all feel the same. It takes a long time to even get from one mission to the next... this doesn't seem bad at first but believe me it will get tedius. If it doesn't there is something wrong with you.

    The game really is visually stunning and the concept is well constructed but it seems like the creators spent all their budget on these factors rather than concentrating how the game will play!