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  1.  Hysterical


    I never usually laugh out loud at books, normally a little chuckle. But this book was just crazy with lots of cameos from random people throughout the ages.. Recommended to any Zombie fan or anyone with a sense of humour.
    Be warned though, you may never look at why we celebrate Christmas the same way again................

  2.  I'm gonna give this film a break


    Ok, so its no where near as good as the original Day of the Dead. Its very very loosely based on it.
    But it entertained me.
    I'm a huge zombie movie fan and hate this whole virus thing thats going on in zombie movies nowadays. But here's the key to enjoying this film:

    In your own head call it - Resident Evil : Day of the Dead

    This is how I got through the film, as a Day of the Dead film, it sucks, but as a Resident Evil film, it would have worked quite well.

    Virus: Check
    Underground Laboratories: Check
    Scientists: Check


  3.  The story is in the title


    Saw the world Premier of this last night.
    I've given it 5 stars because its a bad movie but it knows its bad, but so bad its brilliant.
    If you're a zombie movie fan and fan of strippers then this has it all.
    If you're wanting a film with deep story and good acting then you really shouldn't even watch any zombie film.
    It also has Americans poking fun at themselves 'We're American, what could possibly go wrong?'