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  1.  reply to impressiveinstant (Below)


    I also have been a fan of the show since the sixties.Every time the doctor regenerated ( IE the actor left),I always took time to get used to the next one.David Tennant is a hard act to follow,and if any of the past actors who have played the doctor was in the posistion of Matt Smith,they would probably also get a poor report .I do share some of the concerns about the standard of the scripts,but give all the team time to settle in.On a final point.I think Amy is up there with the best Companions over the years.Give Matt a chance to grow into the part,and hope that the "Writters" improve on the scripts

  2.  A Christmas album from Dylan.....What ?


    Ok so hang on all the critics,that there are bound to be.So Dylan does Christmas,so what.

    Just remember every penny profit made on this cd (For EVER) is going to feed the homeless,both in America & here in the UK.

    So please put cynicism to the side and Help out

    I only rated this as 3 stars as I have no idea what it will sound like (And frankly I don't mind).

    I am getting a new Dylam Album AND helping people so come on all Dylan fans Buy this

  3.  don't eat the sausage !!!


    If you like the humour in Ashes to Ashes,you will love the final episode.
    As well as having a great storyline (With a moral in it),the gags come thick and fast.

    I Love the scene when They are talking about the 1980's Porno.

    If you want to know what the "Don't eat the sausage" is about,you will have to buy the DVD's

    Great Stories,Great SCi-FI & Great Gags.Buy it and enjoy !

  4.  Unbeatable


    It is not often that you can review something before it comes out,but in this case you can

    Like Fergoos below,I also saw Leonard Cohen In Glasgow ( And Edinburgh ).However unless there was a concert I am not aware of ( if so I apologise ) these dates were Nov 5th & 6th

    As for the Dvd,Buy it ! Cohen and his band were in Incredable form at all the concerts last year.I always think live music is better than the recorded stuff.In this case I KNOW it is !!!

    Even without seeing the Dvd,I can tell you it will be one of the best music dvds you will ever buy

    The man was incredable and so will the Dvd be

  5.  "Almost" at his best


    Another stunning album from the boss.however i would not go as far as to say it matched his best.

    This album is worth buying just to hear the sublime queen of the supermarket.

    This track alone is worth the (great) price that play.com is charging

  6.  im not there Vs Dylan


    It depends whay you want from the film.if you want a biography,this is not for you.

    If you want a interesting look at the different personas put on by Dylan over the years (For they where no more real ,than any charachter in the film)..then buy it

    When you realize that none of these are real people,it does not matter if the part is played by a young black boy or even a girl ( See Quicksilvers review)

    If you dont like the story (I liked most of the charachters) just listen to the music,that is the only place you will find the REAL Dylan

  7.  Just Buy It


    What ? Is just buy it not enough.Ok so you like Dylan (Why else would you look this up).This is the man at his most intimate.Just him his Guitar (And The Royal Albert Hall).If you watched Dont look back and wanted more of the music,here it is.As I said,if you like Dylan,JUST BUY IT (its a no brainer)