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  1.  How do i give zero stars?


    I can't believe I fell for it and ended up with this instead of the hollywood blockbuster.
    I was really looking forward to a big budget, special effects feast no brainer film and I ended up with this. As soon as I saw Syfy come up on the opening credits dread set in, which turned to bitter disappointment within less than a minute of the start of the movie.
    I did watch all of it purely because it was so bad and I already paid for it, the special effects were terrible, they spent more on the DVD cover than on the special effects. Acting was laugable and overall story/script was written in the most cliched way possible.
    Avoid avoid avoid, my copy is in the bin where it can do no more damage.

  2.  Not much point


    This is terrible. Even if you like the 80's action flicks, big action, minimum script you still won't (shouldn't) like this. Its actually a terrible shame as i like a lot of these guys in their early movies and i hate to see them go out like this. Dreading that there might be an Expendables 2 as i think by that stage Stallone might have completed his transformation into David Guest's identical twin. All in all watching this film can be equated to watching your dad wearing your clothes, dancing at a night club and making moves on one of your female friends for one hour and 43 minutes

  3.  Not Great


    This is very much a poor version of hostel in terms of budget and more like a silly torture movie. Didn't like it all, you had the expected gore bits which were a little uncomfortable but nothing in it that hasn't been done in other movies so not sure why it made the banned list.
    It was pretty bad thinking back on it, and very disappointed that i watched it. Avoid and just watch "The Audition" instead.

  4.  Totally misjudged this film


    I avoided watching this for a while as i have never forgiven Gerard Butler for being forced to sit through 'P.S I love You' and I thought this would just be a silly little action film with not much to it.
    I was completely wrong, this is quite a clever movie and you are never quite sure where it was going next. I thought overall it was very well written and delivered, and gives the everyman view of the Justice system with so many loop holes and technicalities which in some cases means the sentence carried doesn't fit the crime which is how the movie begins and develops from this as our anti-hero Clyde sets out on his cleverly executed plot for revenge against all those involved in the case against the men who carried out the murder of his wife and daughter.
    The various revenge plots are extremely clever and leaves you guessing for quite some time as to how they are carried out, you will aprreciate the thought that has been put into the plot and how every detail has been thought through as we follow Clyde's search for revenge.
    I am taking away one star as i was a little disappointed with the ending as everything was quite clever up to that point and the simplistic ending seemed a little bit like an anti climax.
    Overall very good movie but sadly not good enough to make up for 'P.S I love You'.

  5. Room



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     Nicely written and very engrossing


    This isn't the type of book i would normally pick but i am so glad i ended up reading it.
    I found it quite tiresome at first as it was written from a 5 year olds perspective and very different from other books i read but once i got used to the phrasing i was very much involved.
    It is a tribute to Maternal Love and the strength of the characters shines through in what can only be the most hellish experience imaginable.
    In retrospect writing the book from Jack's point of view was an excellent choice as any other way would have made it truely depressing. The innocence of Jack to his confined world is heart warming and he provides some gentle laughs.
    I really enjoyed this book and i would recommend it to anyone regardless of what you would normally read.

  6.  Simply Brilliant


    I'm not big on these types of books but bought after recommendation from a friend and i am so glad i did.
    It is an interesting idea following the two characters from university into middle age telling the story of the same date each year.
    The characters are very well developed throughout and you cannot help becoming attached. Along with the passage of time from the late eighties onwards creates a very nostalgic feel for the reader.
    It is extremely well written throughout, the thought processes of the characters, the dry wit, the awkwardness of some situations and the feelings of the characters all filter through to the reader.

  7.  Amazing


    Not sure what i was expecting with this game but as soon as i started i had to keep going, its one of those "let me just finish until the next save point" only to realise an hour has gone by.
    The gameplay and moves are fantastic, seeing them come off in combat is very satisfying. The upgrade system is very straight forward and easy to grasp but my personal highlight of the game is the backdrops. They are spectacular, you find yourself getting a little distracted with some of them. As a whole it is beautifully put together, the graphics fantastic, story is enjoyable, enemies are varied and interesting and the bosses are very impressive to say the least.
    I haven't finished this game yet but i think i am coming near the end which means that the game itself is short enough so i think it will be comfortably finished within a week of purchase playng for an hour or two a day.
    It is definately worth a look even if these are normally not your type of games.

  8.  I would love to meet the dad


    This is a hilarious book, light reading at its best.
    Its laugh out loud, annoy your partner with quotes from the book funny.
    Some of the things the dad comes out with is nothing short of genius and i'm sure i will use a few of his one liners in the future.

  9.  Great Book


    This is a fantastic book in every respect. The characters, the story were beautifully put together. The start is slow but i think it is needed to fully develop the characters and the background which nicely falls together later on.
    If you like a good thriller, this is a book not to be missed. Just put my order in for the next two books in the series, and i am hoping for more of the same.

  10.  Visually Stunning


    I saw this in the cinema and i thought it was stunning and the characters and special effects were beautifully created but is that enough for a three hour film?
    The story is predictable, you know how it ends once the plot is established, the acting was not terrible but average, and the script was light.
    I agree that the look of the film was spectacular, unmatched in anything else i have seen but once the impressive scenary, back drops fade you are left with nothing to fall back on and carry the movie on.
    For me it was a very long three hours in the cinema but I can see it is a perfect family movie, nice to look at with a straight forward plot.