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  1.  Singleplayer bad, Multiplayer great!


    Game looks great and better but unfortunately same issues as Battlefield 3 singleplayer with the regeration not working even in normal mode. Annoyingly timed checkpoints, no regeneration even after restart at the checkpoint makes it a hellish experience. AI could have been alot better and it get too boring when its becomes obvious that the enemy AI is after you and only you, while your teammates ignore danger righ infront/next to them.
    Having issues with health and constant crawling and hiding and not shoot enemy makes it a bad experience. You could order your teammates to do something about the enemy but does it poorly.

    Though the singleplayer is more interesting than the previous game.
    Too bad it full of bugs and glitch, hope DICE will make some updates for these very soon and not like wait a whole year before fixing these main issues. Did that with BF3.

    This game is great in the multiplayer, much improved than Battlefield 3, smoother gameplay, but at random times get laggy and gets better. It swings perhaps due to the many players who join with different connection speed and how much stuff is happening in the maps. I notice this mostly in the bigger maps and gamemodes but its smooth on the minor maps and gamemodes like Domination, Rush etc.

    Giving 3 stars overall mostly because of multiplayer which i play constantly. Singleplayer is just a nightmarish buggy bonus, hence 3 stars, wouldve given 4 if it had been cleaner experience.

    They should have released it later. Feels unfinished mostly in the experience of playing right after its release.

  2.  Good creepy and scare game


    After SH Homecoming i had lost interest in Silent Hill franchise, even tho it had potential but it was abit awful, cus it had great potential but executied poorly in my opinion, not to mention the very awful graphics.
    But when i saw the trailer for Downpour, there was a hope for me and SH.
    The game itself was good right from start, good because your not entirely alone in the start and you get to see other characters, but then as usual you get suddenly alone, that which i hate and love lol.
    Anyway, when you finally get to the town theres some stuff to do, like sidequests, I think its great if you are that exploring type, and you get to sense something has happened in a place adn stuff like that and you really dont know what to expect.
    Tho the creatures are mostly human looking, but they succeed in creeping me out. But i miss something really disturbing monsters like those in SH 1-2-3-4, im not saying bring them back but you know what i mean. Also if you can use 3D and have no trouble watching 3D, id recommend it, it gives a deeper experience and is well done in that part of the game, made me jumpier lol.

  3.  Frustrating


    I have this after several days of the release date.
    Have been looking forward to this game because it has co op both online and splitscreen so thats great, also mode with 4 vs 4, aliens vs marines. Though havent tried it online but i will sometime later.
    Now, ive always think that Unreal Engine 3 was ok for Unreal 3 but since ive seem i used on other games for consoles, here ps3, my opinion is that i dont like it. Ive seen it for pc it looks great but consoles, they need some serious make-up.
    Since i started playing the single player part i had having some frustrations with my experience with this game, not sure if it was the badly improved graphics or the feel of aliens version of a popular fps game (cough cod). I mean, the suspension is gone right after the beginning even though the developers had done it nicely but too short. the rest is like nowadays ordinary fps with alot of enemies coming at you, humans with red shoulder flashlight (wth?!) obviously showing the player that its the enemy even thoough that isnt needed, making it like "child" friendly for immature players, and that ruins the Aliens feel of the game. So thats why i get abit dizzy and end up frustrated because of that and the misleading hype before release. I have to stop play the game after 15 minutes lol, and its first time i experience such a thing and i am open for games.