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  1.  All about the multiplayer


    I love this game. Aint played a game this much since counterstrike, i love it. DX11 graphics are beautiful, great game, amazing sound, great progression, one of the best games of its kind. Buy it now.

  2.  Well Designed and long lasting Strategy Game


    I very rarely write reviews to a game, because I feel its very much down to the opinion of the person playing, if the game is good or not.

    But........ i can hand on heart say, that with this game, any strategy fan will appreciate and enjoy the lengths they have went to in this game. The music, graphics and gameplay are simply fantastic.

    This game cannot be rated high enough in my opinion and hasnt been given the credit its deserved. I would almost go as far as to say its a masterpeice in Strategy game design. I've played almost all Strategy games since the first command and conquer series (Even Dune!), so I'm pretty clued up on this genre's evolution. So I can say with pride how amazing this game is, and feel confident in my reasoning.

    I will most definately be purchasing any future games or add-ons this series makes.


  3. Trine


    PC Games

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     Surprisingly Good!


    When it comes to platform games..... especially platform games which are not highly publicised, i am very sceptical.

    But, after seeing the screenshots and it being a "physics based platform game". I thought i would take the plunge.

    I have to say this is an outstanding platform game. Great story and voice over acting, and features an array of phycis based puzzle environments. Both very addictive and fun.

    I am a massive fan of RPG, so the inclusion of character progression and item enhancements are definately a massive bonus for me.

    I would recommend this to anyone, excellent game and deserves a lot more hype than its received.

  4.  Winner!


    If your a dragonball Z fan, then you will enjoy this game! The cut scenes can get tedious, but it truly is an excellent game if you want to relive your favourite DBZ moments.

  5.  You heard of gears of war?


    Then why are you still reading this...... you know the quality of this game........ buy it.

  6.  Devils Rejects!


    Many of these tracks you will recognise from a film by Rob Zombie called "The Devils Rejects". This is the main reason i brought this album because i was very impressed with the music in the film.

    One of the most under-rated musicians of my generation, Terry Reid is one my personal favourites. Such an amazing array of different rythem structures and genres.

    What are you still reading this for? Buy it! Trust me, you wont be dissapointed. I love this album! Peace!