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  1.  What a find


    Just discovered the music of JB on Radio 2 while flicking round the staions in the car. Man can that boy play. Bought this album within 24 hours and can't stop playing it. I love his variaton of styles and mixture of old style blues \ rock playing mixed in with modern techniques. If I close my eyes I can hear all his influences, Kossof , Clapton , SRV, and Page, to name a few but what I love is they are only influences and his own unique talent always shows through. This album is a great place to start your JB collection from. Awesome

  2.  Fun fun fun


    So it's Saturday night the whole family are gathered and we watch this lovely little film. What a great night's entertainment a wonderful family film. Our 9 and 12 year old loved it for what is was, my wife and I just enjoyed those wonderful little pastiches that are worked into a whole generation of thises kinds of films. We just loved it and if we hadn't eaten as much chocolate and popcorn while the DVD played I am sure we would all have been hungry after thios enchanting story.

  3.  Mmmmmmm Jazz Nice


    Well this album has something for everyone. Cullum is an excellent musician with a lovely deep voice, although Jazz purists may not like his cross over in to a more rock genre. I love this album and its varying styles and enjoy his fluent jazz approach to some of the old standards as well as his own compositions which show his flare for construction of a good melody with narrative lyrics that tell a good yarn. I am not one of these people who believe that because there are more talented musicians out there who haven't got a recording contract this album is devalued in some way. Jamie took his chance and produced an excellent album with the talent he has. His band work very well together and this is an enjoyable work. Who knows in 20 years people may talk about this album as a turning point in British Jazz. Why not "Kind orf Blue" was kind of different and so is Twenty something.
    When Cullum plays it straight I love his playing, when he lets showmanship out weigh musicianship I can take him or leave him. Good Album 4/5

  4.  Amazing


    Well Mike1976 I am also a lover of classic Rock but as a musician I have eclectic tastes which ranges from Wagner to Whitesnake and I love this album. I bought it for my wife for Christmas and we just haven't stopped playing it. Blunt has such a smooth voice and I love his lyrics which although not as complex as someone like Bruce Cockburn are really descriptive. Music to chill out after a long week at work. More please........

  5.  Not Bad


    Not vintage Purple but some nice touches. Vavoom Ted the Mechanic is a great song and although the intro and guitar solo include techniques Blackmore wont do it is a song made for his playing. Then a lot of nothing until Sometimes I feel like Screaming. Awesome track with Steve Morse showing the whole world why he was brought in to replace the man in black. Then the album is ok but not great until Rosa's Cantina a great track and Hey Cisco and Somebody Stole My Guitar that make statements of their own. My 12 year old Purple loving son found this album depressing. Certain bits have that affect on me but the high points are real high. Its grown on me and I am appreciating Mr Morse more and more. 6 out of 10

  6.  The Best Live album EVER!


    Deep Purple at the hight of their powers playing with that competitive edge that made their early 70's shows so special. The MK 2 Line up was just the best there was. Lord and Blackmore dueling the solos and setting new standards for musicianship. Gillan on form using his full vocal range to great effect. Ian Paice is and was just the best drummer in Rock and Roger Glover a bass player with the skill of a lead guitarist. This album has it all. The greatest guitar solo ever laid down by Blackmore on Child In Time. Lazy featuring Jon Lords amazing Intro, Paice playing the only drum solo worth listening to on an album. Ian Gillan and Ritchie sparing Voice v Guitar on Strange Kind of Woman and Deep Purple improvising for ever on Space Trucking, this is what made this band so different to their contemporaries this ability to improvise without ever losing sight of the song. And then the most famous guitar riff their is Smoke on the Water but get this only introduced as a song form the last album. If you want your Rock hard, heavy, inspirational and musically brilliant and you have heard of Purple and don't know which of the many albums to buy. This is the one. Get this first then In Rock, Machine Head, Fireball and possibly Burn. Deep Purple at their best. If Carlsberg made Live Album this would be the album they would have made.