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  1.  Amazing


    Despite of the fact that some "old school" fans dislike this game, I love it. I'm not from the time of FF VII tho, but I started to follow the saga on the 10th. With this said, I love this game so much.

    Final Fantasy XIII, for me it's one of the best games ever! I loved the experience, the gameplay, the graphics and the boss fights (although they might be extremely difficult, even in Normal).

    The story is beautiful and had an amazing plot twist... which I loved. And is countered with the fact that it's linear.

    The soundtrack is stunning and characters where extremely well built. Their emotions and back stories.

    --- The collectors edition is pretty "boooo"... nothing special about it. Just an artbook, some cards, a sticker and a soundtrack cd. ---

  2.  Supreme!


    This is album is nothing but GOLD! I loved the tracks, although I kinda dislike 1 from the list.... this is still worth to buy!

    Say hello to the new Queen of Pop. :)

  3.  Amazing.


    This game is a piece of art. Many people disliked it, but they're in their right... you see, we don't have the same tastes.
    Although I thought the graphics were a little bit worst, specially in their hair, I loved this game. I likes the XIII, but I sure think this is more fun to play than the older one.
    The story is simply amazing, I mean... Oh my god. It's awesome!
    The battle system, you have a pet/fiend/"whatever you want to call it" that fills the space of the third member. You can choose whatever he does, and pick the rolle you need (Like maybe a Ravager of Medic).

    For last, I think that this game is worth to buy and test it. Many people will love, and other might dislike it.

  4.  Awesome game, awesome story, awesome combo.


    I will be quick with this...
    I loved the game, but I think that the graphics could be better for Febr 2012, I mean, they're good... but could be better something.
    The story is simply awesome, and I loved the "time-traveling" idea, it's great, since the world changes in every time.
    Serah receives a new "focus", I mean, a new objective for her (it has nothing to do with Fal'Cie, this is just an expression)... Find Lightning. It crushed my heart when she said that for 3years she tried to believe that Lightning was "dead". Well, never mind, the Combat System is much better, giving the player for each roll a passive ability, like in Sentinel you receive a buff of "x"% defense, this is really good before the boss/mob performs a powerful attack/spell.
    The new Crystarium system is much simpler, it's kinda hard to understand, but don't worry it's fine.

    I don't know what more to say more...

    Overall: I recommend this game for FF's series fans, and for those that never played this RPG series. :)

    10/10 rating.