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  1.  Possibly the worst ever film


    And that's not an exaggeration. I've seem some stinkers in my time but they usually have some sort of entertainment value in them, even if it's just to marvel at the complete and utter rubbishness. But this film plumbs new depths. The costumes and scenery are fine, they look near enough like the original films to be ok. But the acting, the script, the characters and the humour are absolute garbage. Luckily I didn't pay to see this or I would have had to sue somebody for a refund, and for the trauma of sitting through it. How can a film like this ever get the green light and the funding? Do not waste your money on this pap, avoid like the plague. I would be the first person to say that everybody should make up their own minds about films/music/games etc. But this is the exception to the rule. This film deserves a big fat zero in the stars department but Play have set the minimum to one (please review this decision Mr Play.com), so I feel like I'm being far too generous and giving it more credit than it deserves. If someone offers you money to take it off their hands accept graciously, then destroy it in any way you see fit.

  2.  Good quality discs at a good price


    I have used 100's of these Maxell discs (both the '+' and '-' vaieties) and have never had a dud one. Well apart from the time my PC decided to shut itself off in the middle of writing, but that's hardly the discs fault!! That one became a nice shiny coaster for my beer. Meaning that it was recycled and therefore environmentally friendly too. So, good value, reliable and nice to trees. What more could you ask for in a blank DVD disc!!!

  3.  Why such a low score???


    You'd think by looking at the score I don't particularly like this game. You'd be wrong of course because this in no way is a bad game. It's the only game that has been on my 360 since I had it delivered and it will probably be the only game on my 360 until I complete it. But be warned, if your ideal racing game is of the Burnout type then you should avoid. Because you have to drive correctly and you have to setup cars to be able to drive correctly (and it's very handy that you can download setups for the more lazy types such as myself). If you don't do these things you will hate it. You'll be spinning all the time, doing endless amounts of rallycross across gravel, bashing into walls etc. etc. But the first time you get your ridiculously overpowered motor to go flying around a tight corner with barely a hint of tyre squeel because you have the perfect setup it gives you the ultimate high (obviously that's a slight over exaggeration but you get where I'm coming from). So why only 3 stars then? Let's start with the graphics, they're not bad but I expected them to be better, it just doesn't feel that much of an improvement over Forza 1. It doesn't look anywhere near as crisp as the GTHD Concept on the PS3, but that is only a demo so I'll reserve judgement on that until it's released. Plus it would have been nice if the trees in the background moved even a little bit, just to add to the realism, I know it's a minor thing but it's just something I noticed while driving around. Now the sound, why does everything sounds so similar? With all the next-gen power and storage available why doesn't every car in the game sound like it's real world counterpart? If you pay so much detail to the look and handling of the cars surely the sound should be a breeze for the people that create these things. If I'm flying around with a big throbbing V8 under the accelerator I'd like to hear that coming out of my surround sound system, not some nondescript whiney noise. Though this isn't the only game guilty of this.

    But now we come to the main reason why I marked this game down. The tracks. Yes we get Sebring and Mugello which are ok but nothing more than that. Real world circuits they may be, but that doesn't automatically mean they're brilliant. Especially Sebring as it's totally flat, though the final bumpy corner is always fun if you get it wrong! So we get 2 new tracks. But these are the ones we've lost from the original Forza:

    Alpine Ring
    Blue Mountains Raceway
    Fujimi Kaido Down Hill
    Fujimi Kaido Hill Climb
    New York Circuit (the long version)
    Rio de Janeiro
    Pacific Shipyards
    Road America
    Testtrack Drag Strip
    Testtrack Oval

    And some of these had multiples with reverse versions!!! Plus they've gotten rid of those little cone challenge things too which were a welcome distraction from the main racing. Yes it's nice to have more cars but there are far too many multiples of some of them (exactly how many racing 911 GT3's do you need?). The only reason you'll buy most of the cars is to complete the collection and will probably never be used once bought. Think about it, which would you rather have, 10 different cars to race around only 1 track or 1 car with 10 tracks to choose from? I would choose the latter any day. This is a sequel. On a much more powerful machine. So why do we get so much less? This is unforgivable as far as I'm concerned so it could never get the full marks from my perspective.

    Having said all that though I still think it is an essential purchase. And if you've never played the original Forza and are into realistic driving games ignore what I've said, you must own this.

    Thanks for listening to my ramblings.