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  1.  Pretty Good!


    It is usually a rule of mine not to buy films without watching it first, I made the mistake of buying Insidious without watching it first and ended up pretty disappointed but i'm glad I took the risk with this! It loses one star because of the awful cringeworthy acting from the wife but apart from that it was very enjoyable, very good story that draws you in and makes you think, and of course Ethan Hawke is on form as usual, and the tension stays throughout the film unlike insidious where it just gets stupid.
    Overall a worthy effort!

  2.  I don't know why people are complaining!


    This is by far the best tv series i have ever seen, i have just finished watching it and i was hooked on it from start to finish and i was not disapointed with the ending, i was dreading it as there was such uproar with the ending and so many people moaning how bad it was but i was very satisfied. Ok i know a fair bit was left unexplained but i don't think they needed to be explained, It was better leaving it for your imagination, and how would they explain it all anyway, like the numbers, statue, black smoke etc, if you think about it, it would have been stupid if they did, after all it was a mystery island! In my opinion i don't think they could have ended it any better!

  3.  I really don't get these albums!


    Why whenever they release christmas albums do they choose such a load of rubbish to put on them? Quite a few classics missing, why is ronan keatings version of fairytale of new york always on these albums instead of the classic pogues? Why is wizzards version of i wish it could be christmas everyday not on here instead of Girls Aloud? And why on earth is Eva Cassidy over the rainbow on here? I know it's cheap but for gods sake!

  4.  Not my kind of film


    I think if your interested in politics then you will probably enjoy this film but for someone like me, i was just bored, it's not that i didn't understand it, it just didn't interest me. it's not exactly the kind of film you would watch with your friends, just another fall asleep half way through film.

  5.  Really is a disaster!!


    I am not surprised one bit about all the bad reviews on here, it really is the worst spoof i have ever seen, just wasn't funny and i didn't know what film they were taking the mick out of half the time and the ones i did know weren't funny, the only bit i found slightly funny was the mclovin part but apart from that i didn't smile once. The title says it all, it is literally a disaster movie!

  6.  They shouldn't of made any of them like they did!


    to be honest, i was gona give this 3 stars but then i really thought about it and decided there wasn't actually anything good about this film, the acting is below average, the action is just annoying and unrealistic and way too much slow motion and the most annoying thing is the main character milla jovovich never has a scratch on her and is always clean and got make up on, i mean come on! she should of died in that plane crash at the start! Never saw it in 3d but that wouldn't of made a difference as i don't like 3d much anyway, the story is pretty non existent, the other films were ok but they should of made them like the games, i think they would of been so much better and scarier but now its too late, they just slapped this together, no real thought put into it, the only good thing they did with this film was make ali larter look extremely hot! apart from that bad, i really wouldn't bother with it.

  7.  Brilliant!


    Saw this at the cinema years ago and its one of the best horror films ever, original and keeps you hooked right till the end and i totally disagree with another review saying they go way over the top with the gore, it isnt that gory at all, theres a few bits but nowhere near as a graphic as its sequels!

  8.  Not that bad!


    I think some of the reviews are a bit harsh, it isn't like blair witch project all over again as things actually happen in this where as nothing at all happens in blair witch. It does get a bit irritating at times with all the screaming and running and when the ending came i did think a little is that it? also by then you wouldn't still be filming! But i did think it was scarier and better how nothing was explained, overall better than i thought it would be, better than blair witch by far, about as good as rec and not as good as paranormal activity.

  9.  pretty bad


    Only focuses really on the special effects, apart from that the dialogue and everything else is just boring, and everyone keeps saying how its not a patch on the original but to be honest that's no more interesting than this one

  10.  ok but not resident evil anymore


    i've waited for so long to play this as ive played and completed all the other resident evil games but this one is slightly disapointing, it hasnt got the atmosphere and scary music like the other games do, it just feels like im playing an action game. It seems too straight forward unlike the others when u had to solve puzzles and find keys etc. the most annoying thing is having a partner who does nothing but get injured and waste ammo, its much better and scarier being alone. ok but the older ones are better