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  1.  Nice


    Very cheap, and do what they should. I've had a paper pair for ages now, and after moving house they ended up creased and wouldn't sit right. These plastic ones are perfect - they fit right (even on my big head) and the lenses are bigger than on the old paper ones, so provide a more immersive experience.

    I use them with an Nvidia graphics card with 3D stereoscopic enabled for games, at the default levels, and find it perfect. If you increase the 3D depth the image does start to separate, but that may be something that improves as you get used to it.

    All in all an excellent purchase for those who can't afford a 120Hz monitor and full 3D vision kit.

  2.  Amazing quality - amazing price!


    These are the first discs I've had that have actually survived being written at 16x!

    After 200 of these discs, I've yet to have one fail a data verification with my cheapy Liteon burner. I should really stop wasting my time running the verification!

    At just over a penny per disc, what are you waiting for?!

  3.  Decent enough, but some faults


    This is GT5. If you've ever played a Gran Turismo game before, you know exactly what to expect.

    GRAPHICS - they're just not what I expected. The 200 "premium" cars (i.e. the ones they put some work into) are amazing, but nothing better than Forza 3, which is a couple of years old. The overall production value is very poor for a PS3 game in development for 6 years!

    CONTROLS - this isn't the fault of the game, but the Dual Shock 3 pad is NOT suited to this game. The default controls map accelerate and brake to cross and square, which is pretty pointless in a simulation game. Changing them to the triggers is an improvement (especially as most of my racing games are on xbox) but still, they're not responsive enough to make the most. I am sure with a decent steering wheel this will be much better, but I've not had the opportunity to test that.

    SOUND - some amazing work has been done here, a massive upgrade to the previous games in the series. With my 5.1 system it sounds pretty much perfect, with the audio adjusting with the different camera settings.

    GAMEPLAY - A simulator at heart, this game does what it says on the tin. Cars feel suitably weighty, and each car has its own character. The game "feels" very real. Unfortunately it is let down by the controls - I'd strongly recommend a steering wheel, it HAS to be better that way!

    The career progression has been streamlined, but not necessarily in a good way. The "home" screen is cluttered, and progression is stilted. Licences can still be earned through the usual training sessions that teach you the intricacies of driving, but are no longer essential - really only there for the obsessive or the bored. With each race you level up your driver with different amounts of XP awarded depending on your finishing position, similar to Forza 3. As you level up, new events and cars become available.

    There are a number of special events. You can enjoy Go Karting, have a race around the Top Gear Test Track, or even receive professional driving lessons around the different sections of the Nurburgring. These events are really the heart and soul of this game, adding flesh to what is, to me, a tired formula.

    CONCLUSION - All in all a worthy purchase for fans of the series, but not so essential for anyone else. For those who own both a PS3 and a 360, I'm surprised to say this, but Forza 3 is all round a better game.

  4.  Actually... its a bit pants


    Don't get me wrong, Eminem's albums are fantastic. I've loved his music since I first heard the Slim Shady LP. Unfortunately this live show does not work for me, on several levels.

    For one, the delivery of the songs is clinical. He simply struts around the stage, singing/rapping along to his records. There's no emotion conveyed - much like the Encore album he was promoting in fact.

    Then we have the audience. Predominantly white, predominantly female, predominantly young. The inlay reads "..a devoted crowd of followers reciting every single word to every single song.." yet every time the camera zooms in on someone, they look nervously at the next person, before randomly moving their mouth, pretending to be singing along. Its embarrassing and frustrating to watch.

    Perhaps I set my expectations too high, but all in all this Blu-ray holds a soulless show, delivered with a complete lack of conviction, to a bunch of people who are too busy pretending to care, to actually care.

  5.  In my top 5 albums of all time


    I was 13 when this album was released - at the time it was about as relevant as anything could be. And now, 16 years later, its still regularly played in my car, and I regularly play along to it with my guitar.

    Anyone remotely interested in punk/rock music should listen to this. After 16 years it remains fresh and relevant. Not many albums, or even bands (especially from the 1990s), can claim that.

  6.  My new favourite band!


    I've loved Metallica since I was old enough to realise that Michael Jackson wasn't all that... and being a child I fell into the whole "you can't like Megadeth if you like Metallica" bit.

    Now that I'm older, I'm glad to say I've left my narrow mind behind, and found a band that I love at least as much. Rust in Peace is of course Megadeth's most renowned work, and this concert Blu-ray pays great homage to the 20 year old album.

    Full of energy, the band rip apart the full tracklist from start to finish, without skipping a beat. The energy on screen and from the speakers is certainly the closest you'll ever be to being there yourself... without being there...

    The only problem with the Blu-ray release is that the colours are sometimes too vibrant - Dave Mustaine in particular looks like he is wearing thick makeup, and the yellow radiation logo on the bass drums is quite garish. A minor complaint I'm sure you'll agree, and one that does not take anything from the overall experience.

    If you're a fan, you've probably already ordered/bought this. If not, I strongly suggest you do.

  7.  T.U.R.T.L.E. Power!


    As a lifelong fan of the Turtles, I've seen and own every film, the whole cartoon series from the 80s/90s, and played most of the games. This film sits right there among the best of the output.

    On Blu-ray you have a great CGI action film with one of the best transfers I've seen yet. It looks as good to my eye as Avatar - itself an impressive piece of eye candy!

    For 7.99 you can't go wrong with this, either as a fan, or as someone with kids to keep entertained.

  8.  A worthy addition to my Ghibli collection


    Beautifully hand animated, this film comes to life on Blu-Ray. Amazing picture quality show just how amazing the work of Studio Ghibli is. The film itself is an adaptation of The Little Mermaid. The story is fun for adults and kids, and the characters are very likeable. Its not the best of Ghibli's output, not as good as Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle in my opinion, but still a more than worthy addition to your collection. There is only ONE negative to say about this, and that is.... that none of their other films are on Blu-ray yet!

  9.  Pixar's best, presented in fantastic Blu-ray quality


    Monsters Inc is my favourite Pixar film, so naturally it was the first of theirs that I upgraded to Blu-ray. The upgrade over DVD is instantly obvious, even on a 720p TV. The colours are so vibrant, the details (especially Sully's hair) very clear. An unfortunate side effect is that you can also see the age of the film - some "round" edges are clearly made of a few straight lines. You'll only see them if, like me, you look for them. So don't. An absolutely essential purchase, I can't wait for all the other Pixar films to come to Blu-Ray.

  10.  Very pretty, but generic.


    I put off seeing this in the cinema - I don't have much patience to sit in a cinema for two and a half hours, and I tend to avoid such overhyped media. When I was lucky enough to receive a PS3 as a gift, this was the first film I bought, as I wanted to see just what Bluray could do. I was very impressed! The image quality, vibrancy of the colours, are fantastic and really confirmed to me that Bluray is the future. The DVD that came with it served only to confirm this - the image quality looks terrible (on a 720p TV). The films itself is another generic "humans are the bad guys, bit of action, bit of love story", nothing new here, apart from the setting. Pandora is beautifully realised, and the acting is as expected of a high standard. All in all worth a purchase, if only to show off your Bluray system. I can only imagine how it looks in 1080.