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  1.  Surprised me with how good it is


    I haven't read the books but reluctantly went along to see this and was worried what I had gotten myself into with a load of Twilight fans in the cinema as I'm not a fan of Twilight, but the Hunger games is a different kettle of fish altogether. Not only is it exciting, it has a fantastic plot and keeps you guessing. When I left the cinema I was wishing I could be Katniss Everdeen, I have now bought the books and can't wait to watch it again. If your looking for the next big thing to watch then the hunger games is it.

  2.  Just Brilliant!


    Strange series in a way because you end up seeing more of the charachters than just Gavin and Stacey. Well written and very funny, great to watch and very enjoyable!

  3.  Brilliant!!


    I watched the series on BBC 3 and can't wait to watch it all again now I know the shocking revelations!!
    Brilliant viewing and once one episode finishes you'll want to watch the next one straight away!! Compelling viewing!!!

  4.  Great Album!!


    Good upbeat tunes and if you went to the out of control tour like myself you will prob get goose bumps when you hear untouachable!! My only wish is that they'd have realised revolution in the head.

  5.  Great TV


    I would recommend that you watch life on mars beforehand but Ashes to Ashes is still great fun to watch! I can't wait until the last episode and although not quite as good as life on mars I still think it has done itself justice, especially with some of the fantastic one liners Philip Glenister has! I watched the series finale last night and it is one of the best ending's Ive seen! I really wasn't expecting it and it was completly different to life on mars. Now I can't wait for the 3rd series!!!

  6.  Very Good


    I think this film will be loved by teenagers everywhere and a fair few adults aswell! The scenery in the film is amazing the only negative I would say is that it does get a bit boring watching it the second time around and I wish there had been a trailer for new moon on the DVD!

  7. Bolt



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    Absolutly Fantastic, it's funny, clever and very entertaining! Rhino made my day, he's such a funny hamster! It might upset young children at some points but overall an enjoyable story for all the family.

  8.  Amazing!


    Went to the cinema to see this twice and loved it so is fab to now have it on DVD! The set is really well presented and I have to say I love the button on the front of the box which does a little rendition of mamma mia every time you press it!

  9.  Fantastic!


    He was absolutley awesome! Went to Sheffield on Saturday and even though 2 prats went to the front to try and mess up the show was really funny to watch Lee completley rip them apart! I hope the bit about fish paste is on the DVD cos I was crying with laughter for ages!!!

  10.  No Fun!!


    This game is no where near as good as I'd hoped, theres not much you can do and the controlls arn't that easy either. Myself and friends became bored very quickly! All in all quite poor compared with some other wii games and its equivilant on the PC!