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  1.  Amazing! Haters gonna hate.


    Firstly, many people are comparing this game to the previous Resident evil games BUT DON'T!

    This game is unique on its own and has things which other games dont have.

    Campaign = Yes its not long but full of bosses and you can play Co-Op and i like how the EXP in single player is tied with multiplayer to buy guns.

    Multiplayer = This is amazing! its team vs team vs zombies vs bosses and you're not just having to look around for the other team as there are threats on the map also. The game modes are brilliant and bring something new to xbox suck as survivors and nemesis.

    Good Points = I love this game and i think the campaign is full of good battles and customization is good along with the multiplayer aspect of things.

    Bad Points = More Call of duty noobs are joining the game and some weapons are alightly OP such as the MOB Special and the Super soldier ability is annoying. the knife attacks are also OP as if you get hit theres no way in escaping which is why going in groups is key.

    Overall i believe the good points outweigh the bad points in some cases and to say CAPCOM are bringing out a new campaign for the SPEC OPS missions it wil make the game alot longer.

    So, do not compare this game to other Resident Evil games, if anythign compare it to gears of war 3 and also the game is a "15" not a Pegi 18 haha.

    If people are rating this game 1-3 stars they're either bad at the game or comparing it to other resident evil games which they shouldnt do.