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  1.  Alright


    T-shirt is as yellow as it is in the main picture and nowhere near as pale as the pic of it being worn. Quality is decent enough, however, the sizing is a lot smaller than regular sizes. I'm 6'2" and ordered an XXL, and while it was fine width ways - but in no way would it be considered baggy, it was just too short for my liking. I'd suggest only order if your 6' or under.

  2.  Not as expected


    Firstly, the t-shirt isn't grey as shown in the picture, its white with the letering a bright red. The quality of the T-shirt isn't very good either, thin and stretchy. And finally, the sizing is too big. Im 6'2" and regular build and this went down well past my waist and is quite baggy. So unless your a portly chappy who needs room, go for a size down.

    It's still a quite cool t-shirt, just not as cool, well made, or sized as it should be.

  3.  A British Gran Torino


    Firstly, SQUIDWURT is being rather shortsighted in his review, when saying this isn't like Gran Torino purely because it has more violence. Firstly, the viewer is made aware early on that these men served in the military and had a violent past. 2) Both men had lost their wives and have very little in current life that they can relate to. 3) Both men have to deal with gangs right outside their homes. 4) Revenge is a theme of both movies, although played out in different ways.

    SQUIDWURT is right when he says Harry Brown has more violence. However, Gran Torino also has lots of racist language, so im not sure if its one that you could sit down with your kids to watch like he says.

    Harry Brown is a superb film, and if your living in the UK many parts of it will ring true for you. While it does have many of the same themes as Gran Torino, it is a very good movie in its own right and doesn't feel like a rip-off in anyway. It is very bleak, but also has heart. Michael Caine is superb as Harry Brown, playing both the hardened military man and fragile pensioner flawlessly.

    This is a tense thriller and well worth having in your DVD collection.

  4.  Excellent, and fits fine.


    Great quality and a great design. Im 6' 1", medium build, and the XL fitted me just fine.

  5.  The grain is meant to be there.


    This is mainly in response to the other review complaining about the grain, saying its a bad transfer. Well, its meant to be like that. This is how the film was shot and its how it appeared in cinemas.

    Grain doesn't always indicate a bad transfer, it can be something the director added - like in 300- or is basically just a byproduct of the film they used for shooting, like Total Recall for example. The grain has essentially always been there, its just that DVD didn't have the resolution to show it, and Bluray does.

    Some people are unhappy with grain and anytime its apparent they slam the studio, saying they've mucked up the transfer etc, when really they haven't. The flipside is, go have a look at the reviews for Gladiator, the grain was part of the film, and the studios tried to remove it, as a result everything appears waxy and you loose the detail. Its awful. Juts cause something is on Bluray doesnt mean it'll automatically become all shiny. The film will look, as it's meant to look, warts and all.

    As for this movie, I really liked it, easily the best Barker adaption i've seen. Looks great, very cinematic and plenty of blood -although often the CGI kind. You can currently get it for under a tenner on Bluray, and it's well worth it.

  6.  Good, but much lighter than the picture.


    Thats probably, much, much lighter actually. The print itself is a very light grey -close to white in fact. And the t-shirt itself is grey, not that charcoal colour that appears in the picture.

    However, its still a very nice looking T-shirt and I think its great. I bought an XL, and im 6'2" and its a perfect fit, just enough roon and just long enough.

  7.  Really thin!


    I cant agree with the other review about the quality. For me, something thats extremely thin, that actually stretches after the first wash, isnt great quality. The design is top notch, and it does look great, but its incredibly thin. This top is currently £17.99, and I wouldnt pay anymore for such a thin top.