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  1.  EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! - USE ALTERNATIVE 2 (SAME AS COD4)


    This game is brilliant
    As good as cod4
    The graphics are awesome
    Gameplay is too good
    Recommeneded to evry1

  2.  Awesome


    It's one of the best games I've ever played.
    It has the best graphics, which show the potential of the PS3
    Online is awesome

  3.  Playstation 3 40GB


    After comparing this to the 360, it was obvious this was better than the 360, at least on paper.
    Also, its cheaper, and the 360 is ghastly.
    I received the PS3 yesterday and played for 8 hours yesterday. I even checked to see whether if it was over heating, but the air coming out of it was cool. The TV, on the other hand was hot, so sadly I didn't take the risk of playing any more.
    The PS3 has its own world. You enter a world of online games (FREE), amazingly beautiful graphics (HD) and lots of more things. It really has a lot to offer.
    I just love the features of it and its absolutely addictive.
    The 360 is in my view rubbish, compared to this.
    Recommended to everyone. It's amazing.

  4.  A good book


    Its a reasonably good book to read. It the best of it is at the end.

  5.  WOW!


    I really don't know where to start. This thing is amazing.
    I was looking for something cool and fun to buy at play.com. Since this was number 1 on the gadgets list, I read the reviews "its very addictive, buy one now"....
    I bought it and it came in 3 days.
    Many reviews claimed that it was "difficult to start up". Within 5 minutes I had reached a score of 8963 rpm and kept trying to beat my score. And then it was night, so I couldn't play anymore. I woke up following morning and found out i had sore wrists due to me playing it so much. They did warn me in the instruction manual not to play much, but i couldn't resist it. This really is addictive. After 10 minutes of playing, i took a break and 2 hours later, my hands felt as if they needed the Powerball. Its an amazing sensation, and at such a low price its a bargain. Recommended to everyone who wants to have a bit of fun .

  6.  Wow


    A fantastic read. Similar to Relentless but is action-packed. Great book, recommended to anyone.

  7.  Relentless really is Relentless


    An amazing book with an excellent explanation. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. As a result I had finished it within a few days. The author just gets on with the story, no boring past mentioned. Straight action. After Relentless comes Severed which is also great.

  8.  O.K


    This game is not very good because it's not so fun. Not recommended if paying a lot.

  9.  Brilliant Phone


    Brilliant phone, I would recommend this to anyone as i have one. Good points: Excellent quality,walkman,screen,camera. The bad points are:a bit too thick, design of the buttons and poor battery life(but who cares).
    I love this phone overall

  10.  Excellent Phone


    The Sony Ericsson W850i is the best phone I have ever had, the best phone that's probably out. It is packed with great features which includes the Walkman 2.0 interface . Has a brilliant screen and on top of it is the 3G camera used for video calling. It comes with 1 GB of memory and noise canceling headphones which are great. It also comes with a USB cable which allows connection to the PC. Overall, the W850i is a great phone and I would recommend this to anyone.