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  1.  back on form


    completely brilliant. i couldnt find a bad track. really picking up the 80's vibe here, loving the Ultravox and Queen kickbacks and the epic anthemic tunes in abundance on this album.
    quality. you need this album in your collection, as its soon to become a classic.

  2.  a must


    every now and again a game comes out that you need to play .
    yes this is one of those games .
    everyone has to play this game

  3.  i adore this album


    Its gotten me through some rough times. You really need to listen to this through headphones to experience it at its best. As for there being no story, of course there is! Its easy to follow, dramatic and brilliant. I love it.

  4.  i was disappointed


    I was a huge fan of sophie kinsella and totally loved the shopaholic books and undomestic goddess, so i brought this book when it first came out in hardback. And i was so gutted. I didnt like the main character at all, i didnt care about her plight, her issues, about her at all.
    The story seemed just too chick litty for me (and thats saying something because im a chick lit lover usually).
    So no. Not for me. But i would appear to be in the minority here. Im hoping sophies next book is off the same calibre as the brill shopaholic ones. It hasnt put me off her as an author, although i will now be waiting for paperbacks!!

  5.  fantastic


    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but i have no idea why. Its the not the kind of thing i usually choose, but i was engrossed and enthralled by it. I came away from every sitting feeling cosy and comforted and i love the eccentricity of the plot. I understand what the previous poster wrote about feeling sleepy reading this book. It has such a feel good, caressing way about it. Im off to find more from this wonderful author.

  6.  totally pants


    I first saw this little gadget on friday night with jonathon ross and really wanted it. So i ordered one despite the poor reviews and wish i hadnt bothered. Its nothing more than a thumb exerciser. Pretty rubbish to be honest although the little 'beep' noise after 100 pops is strangely satisfying.

  7.  good comedy


    i really enjoyed this, i didnt find it especially chick flicky, some great laugh out loud moments. i did find it a bit too long though, but well worth £3.99 of anyones money, a good comedy film for your collection.

  8.  excellent


    relatively short game, but online means hours of great game play. fantastic and the best game on the PS3.

  9.  lovely


    my 3 year old son likes this story very much. its a must have for any bookshelf.

  10.  chuffed to bits


    ive been wanting this console for ages, in the end i traded in my Xbox360 for it. now many people said this was a mistake, but i disagree!! i found it easy to set up, it looks great, and although the games are somewhat limited, you must expect this with a new gen console. i did also have a bit of a problem getting online, the wireless mode did not work at all on mine. so ive moved my modem down stairs and run the ps3 straight off the Ethernet cable and its fantastic. i cant wait for pro evo and the like to hit it!!! great console, i recommend it.