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  1.  Pokemon Gold....I choose you!


    Gold / Silver, amazing games. I got the gold and my partner has the Silver for trading and such. This game has been so well re-made. I was hooked on Pokemon back in the 90's and this once more awoke the urge to battle and train with these legendary beasties. Aswell as the insane long story, collect all 16 Badges and defeat the Elite 4 twice. This game offers, Pokeathalon and Battle stadiums. There is always something to do or see, also great to play Pokemon Battle Revolutions of the Wii to see your hard trained pokemon in 3D. Gold / Silver - Best pokemon game i have played.

  2.  Woo Woo...(train whistle) Get it?


    Great Zelda title, still lives upto the series. As normal the story, lands, temples, bosses and gadgets are amazing. This is my first zelda game i have played on the DS, the new additions with the stylus add a new twist to the game but with that the combat, compared to previous titles is pretty weak. So stronger for some things, weaker in others. Still worth playing if your a fan of the series. 3rd best Zelda title, after 'Ocarina of Time' and 'Wind waker'.

  3.  Wa!


    Amazing series, it has everything that a great TV series needs. It's funny, serious and filled with action. I have watched this series over and over again, it's a great way to cheer yourself up, or to kill an hour. It deserved more time, but maybe in that it's a god send, before it was ruined like all long running series.

  4.  Stay Frosty!


    Great all round game, both Campaign and Multiplayer will keep you turning the console on for more, both plus and negatives to these :

    Multiplayer - Teams are well balanced, and even if you lose you earn points for your perfroamce, weapons are amazing as always and the kill streak unlocks means you can expect anything at any time.

    Campaign - Veteran isnt as hard as the previous COD and the story is very O.T.T but not without it's perks. Scaling mountains, breach and clear and driving all add to the FPS experience. I think once you have mastered Veteran there is little reply value but that is why we have Joint Ops.

    Basically, if you have played any CoD (Especially MW) then yes buy this game, if not then stick with halo.

  5.  Bargin!


    Where do i start, this game is just amazing. First time i played it completed the first mission and didn't think much to it. Then a couple of months later i started again and wow, currently completed all the great add ons and still racking up 70 hours + playtime. If you like RPG's then get yourself in this post apocalyptic wasteland, where anything goes. A def buy for anyone with a 360.

  6.  Great Shirt


    This is a great shirt, good fit and nicely printed. The logo is a lot bigger than the shirt shows. Def buy for these 80's film fans.

  7.  Wotlk


    Played this game for just over 3 years and the cap at 60 was amazing, the old style raids etc. Then tbc, made it even better but somehow it wasn't like the old wow feeling, but wotlk has brought back the essence of what warcraft is. Outland is huge, plenty of quests and takes time if you dont rush like so many people. If your pc is good enough to play it on full graphics the landscape is just breathtaking . This is a def buy for any alliance or horde member :)

  8.  Truely Epic


    This game is awsome, my friends raved about it but it didn't look at all interesting to me. But i decided to try it and wow! What a game. You can rack up some serious hours in this game and i still dont think it's enough i want more of this game it's truely amazing. If your undecided as i were, trust me give it at least a good hour to get into it as when you start your thrown into the deep end and be a lot to take in at once but it all sinks in.

  9.  A must buy if you have friends.....


    Me and a friend bought this game over the weekend and to play it over XBL is so much fun, great visuals, nice idea with the teamwork. Anyone who says it is boring and you repeat the same over again, just try to play it on Professional.....Good weapons and the back-to-back's are awsome. A must buy for people with friends who arn't invisable !!!!