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  1.  Collection of....


    I was a little disappointed that this album features remixes of some of her best songs! It didn't say that in the description, especially after I waited weeks for it to arrive. Some good songs on it though, and the remixes although aren't great, are okay to listen to. Would still prefer the original single versions of Gotta Tell You and Body ll Body. Only went with this album because the others didnt' have Don't Need You To, which is a great song!

  2.  Ron Jichardson ;)


    Eye candy and ear candy.
    Jon is a unique guy with a unique sense of humour. I love this, he never fails to have me laughing when he's on tv! This had me in fits of laughter throughout. Would have loved to have been there for the live showing!
    Jon tends to over-think things, it seems, and portrays it in a very hilarious way! No other comedian has done this. He interacts with the audience and some of the best bits are in the non-scripted parts. The thing about jon is that he doesn't know how looking or how funny he is. It's a natural talent and best of all, he seems like such a lovely person!
    Definitely by far one of the best things i have spent money on. I've watched it at least 50 times since i bought it, never gets old! His looks are a bonus to his humour :) x

  3.  Love Christina!


    Gotta love a bit (or lots of!) Christina. Her voice is absolutely outstanding, she can dance too!
    Definitely one of my more listened to albums, possibly one of the best I have too. I love that some of her earlier and also my favourite hits are on here, Genie In A Bottle and What A Girl Wants.
    She's an incredibly talented girl! A must have for all Christina fans.

  4.  Pop Tunes!


    With all the comebacks of the 90's pop bands, what better time to revisit all your favourite tunes from all the pop groups from your teenage years!
    Overall, it's actually a really good album. They really do have lovely voices and some catchy songs. Some slow ones too, Like A Rose is a good listen, as are Rev It Up and Never Give It Up! So many songs to love if you're into the pop sounds.
    Especially buy it if you're a fan of B*witched.

  5.  One For The Jen Fans


    This isn't my favourite of Jen's work but she is great in it anyway. Worth seeing if you are a fan of hers! :)

  6.  Amazing Movie


    I honestly didn't think I would like this one. I didn't see it in the cinema and in fact didn't see it until it was on TV a couple of years ago. I was surprised that I actually loved it! They've touched on the storylines very well. I'm sure they are a real-life couple too, very beautiful.
    I don't usually say this about many films but it's a definite must-see whatever your film taste is!

  7.  Sister Act, In The Habit :D


    Whoopi Goldberg is perfect for this role. Don't think it would be quite the same with anyone else doing it. I like both, but the second one has Lauryn Hill is in it, which is much better. Lots of storyline going on and different characters. They've made the Nun thing really fun, very sweet!
    Whoopi's energy will keep you glued to both of these.

  8.  Triple Entertainment!


    I remember watching these when I was younger. I love Bruce Willis and Roseanne Barr as the voices in the second one. John Travolta is a terrific actor, good chemistry with Kirstie Alley. Usually, with sequels, they never match up to being as good as the previous but with these, each is better than the last. I didn't think "Now" would be as good without the children "talking" but they done it great with the dogs- being a dog-lover myself I'm quite into that! :) "Now" has a bit of a Chrismassy feel too so you can watch it in the winter months aswell as throughout the year!
    Classic films with great acting! Winner!

  9.  Comedy At It's Best


    What more could you expect from Jim Carrey than to be completely hilarious throughout? His acting is terrific. Such a good film with a storyline unlike any other that's ever been done. This one will have you laughing so much. This is my favourite of Jim's films! Do watch it if you haven't already and even if you have, watch it again, it's possible you've forgotten how funny it is. x

  10.  Hilarious!!


    This film is totally LOL-worthy! Great if you like a bit of a chick-flick/comedy that your man might also like too :) Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler work perfectly together on-screen. Whoever done the casting for this movie done a great job!
    I laughed so much at this movie, so happy I bought it on here. It's definitely in my top five films I've ever seen. Watch it over and over and never get bored of it!
    A definite must-see :) x