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  1.  Brilliant


    One of the first films I got from play.com, absolutely brilliant. Great cast, great script, great one liners. Fun for all ages and even for those who aren't a fan of musicals. I would recommend this film to anyone. Absolutely fantastic!

  2.  Fab!


    I got this game because it was cheap and looked interesting, and I'm glad i did. Here's a quick summary.

    Graphics - decent for the wii
    Gamplay - very good as there is a wide variety, puzzles, shooting, third person, first person, driving, rescuing, etc
    Control system - very good, camera ocaasionally weird but nothing too bad.
    Storyline - very good, cut scenes are also good quality.
    Replay value - great as there are different things/deisions you can make.
    Value for money - great value as cheap

    Overall - Fantasic game!

  3.  Absolutely brilliant


    This game is awesome, here is a quick summary for you!

    Graphics - awesome - possible best on wii for realism.
    Gameplay - pure genius
    Control system - best of any Resident evil game.
    Storyline - different and brilliant
    Scares - many - chainsaw man, enough said.
    Replay value - worth playing numerous times on all settings.
    Length - quite long, could be longer but there isn't a need.
    Value for money - i got it when it was 30, and thought it was great value for money, so anything cheaper is a bargain.

    Overall - what else can I say, its just the perfect wii game!

  4.  Amazing from start to finish!


    The main thing that made me watch this film was the cast. The main three characters are all played by fantastic actors. Denzel washington is just awesome in every scene and plays his role superbly. Gary Oldman is fantastic and steels his scenes with ease. And then you have Mila Kunis (mmmmmmm), enough said!

    The storyline is great, post apocolyptic america looks stunning and has a real feel about it. The whole secret behind the book thing was pure genius and very suprising.

    I can honestly not say one bad thing about the film, and for this price on blue ray, its an absolute bargain!

  5.  Very suprising!


    I played this game only becuase i'm a HP fan, and i had heard that is wasn't good through so many people and sites. However I was very happy, the game was relatively challenging, had okay graphics but what makes it was the open plan, there is minimal loading, the gameplay is great, and the best part is that it sticks to the book relatively well which was most suprising.
    Highly recommended for any HP fan, could be confusing for others!

  6.  Okay!


    I loved all mario games and have grew up with them, the likes of mario world 3 and super mario world i still play because they are that good. This game just doesn't live up to the standard, yes graphics are good, as is gameplay and controls. But it just feels that there has been little effort put into this. The DS new super mario was excellent, and this just feels like a simple transfer to the wii with a couple of extras. I've completed it and only went back to it once and got bored.
    Multiplayer is more fun but I think it doesn't live up to the mario name and won't be a classic in years to come, where most mario games are.
    Still a good game, but not worth full price!

  7.  Pure genius


    This game had quality written all over it, from start to finish. the gameplay is awesome, the storyline, again brilliant. Follows up dead space 1 beautifully. the graphics are also of high quality, as are the controls.

    A wide variety of challenge, easy is as it says easy, but good for new comers. and then you've got zealot for a proper challenge which is very hard, but more satisfying.

    Best part though would be when you've completed it on the hardest level (unlocked after completing on any level) and play through again to get the 'hand cannon'. This is basically a big foam finger that has unlimited ammo and Issac makes an awesome 'peew' shoot noise when firing, like i said pure genius and worth the fustration of all challenges before.
    I got this for 43quid and thought it was worth every penny, so at 25, it's an absolute bargain. It would be hard to find a game that compares at the moment!

  8.  Not good enough!


    Though this game has an okay storyline and some decent tension, it really dissapointed. I can forgive por graphics if the gameplay is good, but it isn't. I can forgive poor gameplay if the control mechanism is half decent but again, it really isn't.

    Yes there is a resi evil 1 and silent hill 1 quality to it, but there is the problem, its a game 15 years out of date and just doesn't live up to the standards of todays games, wouls have been great on the ps1, anything after that just wouldn't be good enough!

    Very dissapointed! Do not waste your money as there are much better games out there for the same price or less.

  9.  Better than expected


    This game was suprisingly good. It has loads of tension, relatively good storyline and decent graphics. The way you can play through as each of the characters (marine, alien, predator) is very clever with the interweaving stories, and the fact the gameplay with each is different but each very good. As this game is now under a tenner is an absolute bargain and is definately worth a purchase.

  10.  The best Disney film


    Disney are obviously known for many films, The Lion King, Bambi, Snow White etc... But this is more of an unheard of film. This is unfortunate as it is probably the best out of them all, it's funny, witty, charming, clever, different and brilliant. It's great for all ages too so not just one to stick on when the kids are off school. It is a film all can watch and thoroughly enjoy. BOOM BABY!