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    This is a great game and highly addictive
    The storyline is great and the gameplay is fun
    There's loads of weapons to attack your enemies with from shotgun to rocket launchers, that you can upgrade and buy different types of ammo with.
    I definatley recommend playing this in the dark with the volume up!



    This game is definatley one of the best games i've played in a long time. I didnt think it would be my type of game at first but there is so much to do and so many hours of gameplay. First you get to design your character before starting the game which is fun as you design them exactly how you like. When you start the game there is so much to do like joining different guilds and carrying out missions for money which you can spend on buying a house, new weapons or spells. All PS3 games have recently been a let down for being so short but if you want a game that will last you more than a week BUY THIS GAME! I still have lots to do after months of gameplay! 10/10

  3.  Buy it!


    This is a great game and if you are a resident evil fan then obviously buy it! ignore any bad review resident evil 2 is not left out by the way, you just have to unlock it!!!! and you can play as Ada Wong all you have to do is get an 'A' grade on Raccon's destruction! this game just tyes up loose ends so unless you want to be left out on the story Buy it!!!

  4.  Great mob


    This is a great phone with sum gr8 extras, trackID is brill!! And makes the phone a must buy especially if u are a great music fan this will come in handy!!!
    best phone i bought so far =]

  5.  A MUST OWN!!


    First of all i was confused to whether or not i should buy this game as i have never played any of the others.
    But i can safely say that this game really did'nt disappoint me as it is the best ps3 game so far!
    As many game reviewers have said, this game is a reason to own a ps3 and i totally agree.
    The gameplay is great, cutscenes outstanding and the graphics are very sharp and allows you to show off the ps3 capability

    Overall this is A MUST OWN and if you have never followed the series before, like me, dont let it stop you owning this game!

  6.  CREEPY


    If you love horror games this is a must!

    This is the first horror game i have played in a while that is ACTUALLY ... scary.

    it has great sound affects that add to the suspense especially if you play this game in the dark.

    i gave this game 4 stars because the fighting combo's are a little annoying when you're thrying to stop someone attacking you.



    this game is a really good first person shooter with great graphics.

    it also has a really fun online mode which is great for when you've completed single player.

    must buy if you like FPS or war type games! :D

  8.  Action packed!


    I bought this game after playing dmc 4, as it was such a good game i decided to try out this.

    It has a great story line and is a prequel to the first dmc. You can buy and do up your fighting styles which is really fun and there are some really good missions to.

    If you are looking for a great ps2 game with a good story line and action than this is definatley a game to try out.

    Buy it!!

  9.  Hmmmmmm......O.K. I guess =S


    Well i got this game for easter and its quite a good game, however it does lack originality, for instance some of the guns on the game are too futureristic for a pre-historic game. I was dead excited to play this game but when i did was just a bit let down. I mean i enjoyed playing it nd really really liked the game play but it does get boring after a while of repeating the same level over and over cause as your killing a rapter another kills you from behind. but i guess thats part of the hole console idea. If you were a big fan of the original turok you will be a bit dissapointed but if you didnt play the original then buy.

  10.  "freakin sweet" game!!


    I got this game thinking it was gonna be like all the other nfs games but it wasnt it was totally different. IN AN AMAZING WAY! when i turned it on i was expecting to start off in the streetswith a rubbish car and have to take ages searching for races. But i was pleasently surprised when i was playing it as if it was a grnd trsmo game, but with one extra feature you can costamize your car to the max! and if its one thing i want in car games its to costamize good cars with sick body kits and sweet engines and vinals and paind jobs and window tints and finaly...wheel rims, and alot more. The reason why i gave this game a 4 and not a 5 is because it does lack the excitement of police chases and well free roam mode, but the good thing is that these memorys are replaced with new and better ones. I seriously recomend this game. =]